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Day Camp Bundle


Day Camp Essentials Bundle: Creativity and Safety for Young Campers

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Introducing the Day Camp Essentials Bundle, our most popular collection curated especially for day camps with younger children. This bundle combines the mess-free fun of Kwik Stix with interactive placemat kits and child-safe scissors, ensuring a blend of creative expression, engagement, and safety that's perfect for young minds and hands.

Kwik Stix, Classic, Metallic and Neon Colors, 24 Pack: Unleash the joy of painting without the mess with Kwik Stix. These solid tempera paint sticks dry in just 90 seconds and require no water, cups, or brushes. The 24-pack offers a vibrant array of colors, allowing little artists to freely express their creativity on paper, cardboard, wood, and more.

Placemat Kits with Wonder Stix: Transform mealtime into a creative adventure with our interactive placemat kits. Each kit comes with Wonder Stix, which are washable, odorless, and dust-free, perfect for drawing and writing on the included placemats. These kits not only keep young campers entertained but also help maintain a clean and orderly space.

12 x Ultra Safe Scissors: Safety is paramount, especially for the little ones. Our Ultra Safe Scissors are designed with a permanent plastic safety shield, ensuring it's impossible for kids to cut themselves. The ergonomic design and automatic spring mechanism make them easy to hold and use, providing the perfect tool for a variety of cutting activities.

The Day Camp Essentials Bundle is more than just a collection of supplies; it's a comprehensive solution for fostering creativity, learning, and fun in a safe and engaging way. Perfect for younger campers, this bundle ensures that every day is filled with colorful expressions, imaginative projects, and safe, hands-on fun. Bring this bundle to your camp and watch as it becomes an integral part of your daily program, inspiring joy and creativity in every child.