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Kwik Stix for Camps Bundle


Kwik Stix for Camps: Ultimate Multi-Color Bundle

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Introducing the Kwik Stix for Camps Ultimate Multi-Color Bundle, an all-encompassing set designed to bring the joy and simplicity of painting to your camp without the mess. This bundle combines the classic vibrancy of Kwik Stix with the unique hues of neon, metallic, and pastel colors, ensuring a wide range of creative possibilities. Perfect for camps looking to provide a comprehensive, engaging, and fuss-free painting experience.

Kwik Stix, Classic, Metallic and Neon Colors, 24 Pack: Start with the classics. This pack includes 24 fast-drying, vibrant colors that are ready for hands-on fun. The Kwik Stix's solid tempera paint dries in just 90 seconds, eliminating the need for cups, smocks, water, or brushes. It's all the fun of painting with none of the mess!

Kwik Stix, Pastel Colors, 10 Pack: Soften your palette with these beautiful pastel shades. This pack includes 10 Kwik Stix in a range of gentle, soothing colors, perfect for adding a touch of elegance and subtlety to any project.

Thin Stix, Classic, Metallic and Neon Colors, 24 Pack: For those finer details and precision lines, Thin Stix are the perfect tool. This set includes 24 slim paint sticks in a variety of colors, maintaining the same quick-drying, mess-free formula but allowing for more delicate work.

Bundle Benefits:
- Wide Color Range: With classic, neon, metallic, and pastel shades, your campers have an extensive palette at their fingertips, encouraging a diverse range of creative expression.
- Mess-Free Creativity: Kwik Stix's unique formula means no water, cups, brushes, or smocks are required, and they dry in just 90 seconds, making them ideal for a fast-paced camp environment.
- Versatile Use: Perfect for paper, cardboard, wood, and canvas, Kwik Stix can be used for a variety of projects, ensuring they're a go-to choice for any creative activity.

The Kwik Stix for Camps Ultimate Multi-Color Bundle is the perfect solution for camps looking to inspire creativity, reduce mess, and provide a wide array of color options for their campers. Bring this bundle into your camp and watch as it becomes a cornerstone of your creative curriculum, sparking joy and imagination in every camper.