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Sensory Camp Bundle


Sensory Bundle: Zen Strips for Calm and Focus at Camp

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Introducing the Sensory Bundle featuring Zen Strips, a unique collection designed to provide a calming sensory experience for campers. These tactile strips are perfect for personalizing water bottles, backpacks, and other camp gear, offering both a soothing touch and a stylish look.

Zen Strips, 24 Pack: (x2): Get both textures- 24 bump and 24 sandy textured, gradient-designed Zen Strips. Easy to apply and durable, they're perfect for busy camp life.

Calming Sensory Interaction: Zen Strips are not just decorative; they're a discreet tool for stress management and concentration. Touching, swiping, or fidgeting with the strips can help calm and focus campers during activities or downtime.

Versatile and Fun: Easily adhere these strips to water bottles or other camp items for a touch of fun and functionality. They're a great way for campers to mark their items and enjoy a sensory experience simultaneously.

The Sensory Bundle with Zen Strips is an excellent addition to any camp, helping to create a more focused and serene environment. Perfect for campers who benefit from tactile stimulation, these strips offer a simple and effective way to provide comfort and concentration.