Easy Spring Crafts for Kids!

Easy Spring Crafts for Kids!

With the warmer weather approaching it is time to head outside and find your next canvas! Kwik Stix and Wonder Stix work great on glass, rocks, seashells and more making them the perfect creative pair. Check out these ideas for easy Spring crafts for kids;

 Painted Flower Bouquets

No need to wait for the paint to dry when creating egg carton Tulips using Kwik Stix!
Materials Needed: Kwik Stix Paint, Egg Carton, Cardboard Tube, Pipe Cleaners
  1. Cut out the pieces of the bottom of an egg carton
  2. Paint the egg carton pieces all your favorite floral colors
  3. Glue each piece to a pipe cleaner stem
  4. Paint a fun, bright design on your cardboard tube
  5. Place your 'Tulips' in your homemade vase and display! 

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Paint the Colors of the Rainbo

Spread cheer to your neighbors by window painting a colorful message!

rainbow window painting

Materials Needed: Kwik Stix or Wonder Stix, Windows/Mirrors/Glass

Spread cheer to your neighbors this Spring with a bright message painted on your windows! Kwik Stix and Wonder Stix work on windows (even car windows!) and easily wipe away with a little soap and water. Paint a rainbow, write a positive message or draw your favorite landscape to celebrate the warmer weather. 

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Leaf Painting Butterflies 

leaf painting

Materials Needed: Kwik Stix, Leaves, Flowers, Sticks

1. Take a stroll outside and find an array of leaves, small flowers, and sticks 
2. Glue the leaves in a Butterfly wing shape to the sticks
3. Use Kwik Stix to paint your own designs on the wings

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Cardboard Flowers

Materials Needed: Kwik Stix, Cardboard, Buttons, Glitter Pens, Hot Glue Gun
  1. Trace and cut flower shapes out of cardboard 
  2. Color the flowers with your favorite pastel hues for spring with Kwik Stix
  3. Outline the flower with a glitter pen
  4. Hot glue a button in the center of the flower
  5. 5If you want to display your flowers, glue them to wooden sticks and show them off! 

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Pastel Rock Painting 

Materials Needed: Pastel Kwik Stix, Rocks

  1. Take a walk outside and look for your new canvas- rocks!
  2. Use your favorite pastel Kwik Stix to color the rocks- get creative with your designs!
  3. Display your colorful rocks for everyone to see.

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Flower Painting


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Materials Needed: Kwik Stix, Paper

  1.  Let your imagination run wild and use any color in the rainbow to draw your favorite flower!

Planter Painting 

Materials Needed: Kwik Stix, Ceramic Planter 

  1. Use your Kwik Stix to paint and design your own planter! 
  2. You can add gems to your planter if you wish!

Seashell Painting

Materials Needed: Metallic Kwik Stix, Seashells
  1. On a warmer spring day, take a walk along the beach and gather seashells
  2. Paint the seashells with Kwik Stix. You can create any designs you like!

Toilet Paper Roll Butterflies 

Materials Needed: Kwik Stix, Magic Stix ,Cardstock Paper, Toilet Paper Roll, Wiggly Eyes, Pipe Cleaners , Scissors 

  1. Trace butterfly wings on cardstock and cut out with scissors.
  2. Color the butterfly wings with Kwik Stix. Outline wings with Magic Stix marker.
  3. Hot glue the wings onto the back of the toilet paper roll. Then continue to glue the pipe cleaners to the inside of the roll. Twist the pipe cleaners to look like antennas. 
  4. Hot glue 2 wiggly eyes onto the front of the roll.
  5. Using your Magic Stix draw the rest of the butterfly face. 

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Cardboard Flower Display

Materials Needed: Kwik Stix, Cardstock, Cardboard

  1. Cut out flower shapes, long stems, and leaves from cardboard.
  2. Color your cardboard pieces with Kwik Stix.
  3. Color the background of your cardstock with Kwik Stix.
  4. Glue your cardboard pieces onto the cardstock to make a flower garden! 

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