Back to School Guide 2023- Art Teachers

Back to School Guide 2023- Art Teachers

The back to school season is quickly approaching! Art class is the best place to spark children's creativity! If you are an art teacher, here are some fun and mess free art supplies to include in your projects!


1. Kwik Stix

Kwik Stix are solid tempera paint sticks, that dry in 90 seconds! These are the perfect addition to the classroom - enjoy all the fun of paint, with none of the mess! No smocks, no water cups, no paint brushes needed; and take projects home that day. Use Kwik Stix on anything you can paint on: poster board, paper, wood and more (they even work on pumpkins, eggs and sea shells!) These vibrant paint sticks come in Classic, Metalix, Neon, Earth, Jewel, Pastel, and our new color set, Global Skin Tones


2. Kwik Stix- Thin Stix

Thin Stix Solid Tempera Paint have all the same qualities and features of Kwik Stix, but a thinner tube for better detail and different grip. Closer to the size and shape of a marker, Thin Stix are great for more precision and as grip develops and improves. 

  • Dries in only 90 seconds!
  • Non Toxic
  • Washable


3. Magic Stix

Are you constantly buying new markers because the caps are left off and they dry out? Magic Stix are the perfect solution. No Cap? No Problem. Magic Stix are GUARANTEED to not dry out for at least 7 days with no cap! Perfect for the little ones! Enjoy the vibrant colors without the worry of coming back to dried out markers!
Check out our new color set: Global Skin Tones
  • Magic Stix come in a new, triangular shape to promote proper grip, and help develop fine motor skills.
  • A Plus: Magic Stix will not roll off your desk!
  • Washable



4. Wonder Stix

Wonder Stix are an exciting and versatile medium that are amazing for the classroom because they work on almost any surface. They easily wipe away from white boards, windows, chalkboards and most non-porous surfaces. Conversely, on paper, wood, cardboard and other porous surfaces - they act as permanent crayons, so the possibilities are endless! The bright, bold colors go on smooth, with no odor, dust, and are washable. 
Create Everyday with Wonder Stix:

5. Black Board Playmats

4 reusable black board placemats PLUS Wonder Stix to draw with! 

This set is great for the classroom and on the go!  Draw directly on the playmats, and remove with a damp cloth and start over and over again! Create everyday with this portable and mess free activity!

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