Back to School Supply List 2023 – TPG Creations/The Pencil Grip, Inc.
Back to School Supply List 2023

Back to School Supply List 2023

Back to School Supply List 2023

The 2023 school year is here! Prep for your first day by making sure you have all the best supplies. These school supplies are great for children and require no mess! Easy to bring along in your backpack from school and home! 

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Kwik Stix are solid tempera paint sticks that dry in just 90 seconds! They come in a variety of different color packs and are great to use in the classroom!

Magic Stix are vibrant triangular markers that don't dry out! They last 7 days with no cap!

Wonder Stix write on almost everything! They can be wiped off of chalk boards, windows, and more! They are permanent on paper and wood!

Pencil Grips are great to help with your handwriting skills. Each style promotes comfort and control!



1. Kwik Stix

Kwik Stix are solid tempera paint sticks, that dry in 90 seconds! These are the perfect addition to the classroom - enjoy all the fun of paint, with none of the mess! No smocks, no water cups, no paint brushes needed; and take projects home that day. Use Kwik Stix on anything you can paint on: poster board, paper, wood and more (they even work on pumpkins, eggs and sea shells!) These vibrant paint sticks come in Classic, Metalix, Neon, Earth, Jewel, Pastel, and our new color set, Global Skin Tones. Choose from a variety of pack sizes depending on your needs/preferences in the classroom or at home. Also, you can rest easy as Kwik Stix are nut, egg, gluten free, and non-toxic! 

2. Magic Stix

Are you constantly buying new markers because the caps are left off and they dry out? Magic Stix are the perfect solution. No Cap? No Problem. Magic Stix are GUARANTEED to not dry out for at least 7 days with no cap! Perfect for the little ones! Enjoy the vibrant colors without the worry of coming back to dried out markers!
Check out our new color set: Global Skin Tones
  • Magic Stix come in a new, triangular shape to promote proper grip, and help develop fine motor skills.
  • A Plus: Magic Stix will not roll off your desk!
  • Washable


3. Wonder Stix

Wonder Stix are an exciting and versatile medium that are amazing for the classroom because they work on almost any surface. They easily wipe away from white boards, windows, chalkboards and most non-porous surfaces. Conversely, on paper, wood, cardboard and other porous surfaces - they act as permanent crayons, so the possibilities are endless! The bright, bold colors go on smooth, with no odor, dust, and are washable. 
Create Everyday with Wonder Stix:

4. Pencil Grips

Designed by doctors, tested by kids, approved by parents. Our ergonomic pencil grips improve handwriting, help give more control, and reduce hand fatigue. These colorful pencil grippers benefit both Adults and Children, Righties and Lefties. The Pencil Grip is the #1 grip recommended by therapists to help children write. 

  • Arthritis Foundation recommended as "easy" and "comfortable"                    
  • Fits on pencils, pens, crayons & many drawing and writing tools                   
  • The original grip that continues to set the standard

Our pencils grips come in a variety of grip control; The Original Pencil Grip, The Crossover, The Pinch, The Writing CLAW, The Bumpy, The Pointer, The Ring, The Duo, and Jumbo.

5. Feeling Heads

Five fun faces to squish and help express different feelings. Feeling heads are a great tool to help children communicate their emotions and relieve stress. Feeling Heads are a great tool for schools, therapy, work and home. They come with 5 different expressions in each set; Happy, Sad, Disgusted, Shocked and Anxious.

6. Magnet Men

The Magnet Man design holds much more than your average magnet! The fun-inspired look is perfect for the home, office and school and a cheerful way to post reminders. It's classic design fits in anywhere, holding calendars, photos, artwork, memo pads and papers securely. 

  • Powerful Magnet
  • Person-Shaped Clip
  • Assorted Colors

7. Hydro Holdr

A safe and secure place to keep your water bottle!
Since the water fountain is a relic and the kids are all bringing water bottles into the classroom we saw a need for a reliable safe way to keep the bottles off the floor and off the desk top (they barely have space anyway!). This is where our new classroom item came in- The Hydro Holdr. 


  • Water bottle storage solution
  • Fits most common school desks and chairs
  • Tons of different uses; snap on your beach umbrellas, beach chairs, tents for no more sandy drinks
  • Durable, washable, reusable
  • Flexible mount allows for easy on, easy off 
  • Helps reduce classroom distractions
  • Keep water bottles off the floor & tops of desks dry 
  • Class set discount