Brand Ambassador of the Month- February – The Pencil Grip, Inc.
Brand Ambassador of the Month- February

Brand Ambassador of the Month- February

Brand Ambassador of the Month- February

February Brand Ambassador of the Month!

We are so excited to learn a little more about our featured Brand Ambassador @playmore_techless. Abby is a speech and language pathologist and is a mother of two little ones! She creates entertaining activities and unique projects for her children to complete!

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Q: Tell us a little about yourself! What is the inspiration behind your Instagram page?
A: Hi! I'm Abby and I'm a Speech Language Pathologist with 13 years clinical experience and a Mom to 4 year old and 6 year old play lovers. I started my account when I had an overnight epiphany that the solution to my kids' relationship with screens was MORE PLAY. I watched my clients, and then my own toddlers, struggle with screens and I was determined to figure out how to raise them with a healthy relationship with technology. I decided to share my own journey toward that goal by sharing how, as working parents, we achieve more play with seriously simple ideas. 
Q: We have loved seeing your page grow, and all the amazing projects and activities you share, and we learn so much as you incorporate play based learning into your posts! What inspired you to want to be a Brand Ambassador?
A: I'm passionate about encouraging parents to find seriously simple solutions to increasing their child's access to play. I am NOT an artist, I'm a working mom (with a newly renovated first floor) and I had a lot of anxiety around my kids using art materials at home. When I discovered The Pencil Grip art supplies, I was blown away by how they made vibrant art accessible to my kids and clean-up simple and stress free for me. 

Q: What is your favorite product of ours that you have tried so far?  Can you tell us more about why you love this product, and if you have any tips or tricks when using it or favorite techniques? Is there anything in particular that has helped you blend creativity, play, and learning together with your children and any advice you can provide to others?

A: My favorite product has to be the Wonder Sticks and Play Mat combo. My kids get SO excited when I pull them out or bring them along on an outing. The blackboard-like background paired with the wonder sticks is such a satisfying contrast and I LOVE that you can just wash and reuse them! ALSO - I love that I can present learning activities on them (like letter sounds, writing, etc.) and my kids are immediately motivated to do them, just because the materials aren't paper-and-crayons. 

Q: We love that you incorporate amazing videos of your activities on your page! What is one of your favorite projects you have created using our products? There have been so many great posts you have made, and we want to know which stands out to you! 

A: Probably any of the ones where I pair wooden shapes or masks from the Dollar Tree with Wonder Sticks and Kwik Stix. It's my favorite way to have an incredibly low-lift seasonal activity. Yes you need the two products, but otherwise the activity is cheap and ready-to-go. I love that after they paint their shapes or masks, they then integrate them into their play. So, it really becomes and 2-for-1 deal: seasonal art + play time. 

Q: What’s next for you? Do you have any exciting crafts or activities planned for the winter months ahead?!

A: Winter is definitely a season when we do more art. I love both getting the kids started with play by doing some art time, or, when their play seems to be fizzling out a quick "Art time at the table!" announcement helps them pivot to something new without needing a screen to "find the peace". We have our bin of Kwik Stix, Wonder Stick, and Thin Stix and I usually just set that out with some sort of material to create with/on. I'm excited to see what they create this season!


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