Brand Ambassador of the Month- May – TPG Creations/The Pencil Grip, Inc.
Brand Ambassador of the Month- May

Brand Ambassador of the Month- May

Brand Ambassador of the Month- May

May Brand Ambassador of the Month!

We are so excited to learn a little more about our featured Brand Ambassador @craftsfunandlearning. Stacy is a learning resource creator and provides wonderful homeschooling tips! She loves to create fun, engaging activities for her children at home!

Follow: @craftsfunandlearning

Q: Tell us a little about yourself! What is the inspiration behind your Instagram page?


Hi there! My name is Stacy and I'm a proud mom of three amazing children. My favorite things to do include spending time with my family at the beach, getting some sun while reading a good book, and cooking and baking. I created an Instagram page to share the fun learning activities I do with my kids. It started with crafts and sensory activities, and eventually grew into our full homeschool journey because I started teaching my children. On my page, I share about learning resources that I sell on Etsy, as well as fun crafts, learning activities, and sensory play ideas. Additionally, I post recipes and other fun family life things. 

Q: We have loved seeing your page grow, and all the amazing projects and activities you share, and we learn so much as you incorporate play based learning into your posts! What inspired you to want to be a Brand Ambassador?


I enjoy promoting small businesses and spreading the word about exceptional products. It's fulfilling to recommend products that are essential for the learning environment of parents, teachers, and caretakers. 

Q: What is your favorite product of ours that you have tried so far?  Can you tell us more about why you love this product, and if you have any tips or tricks when using it or favorite techniques? Is there anything in particular that has helped you blend creativity, play, and learning together with your children and any advice you can provide to others?


We highly recommend the tempera paint sticks as our favorite art supply. They are incredibly enjoyable to use and my children use them every day for crafting and creating various art projects. They prefer these sticks over all other art supplies due to the smoothness and vibrancy of the colors. Additionally, the quick drying time is a plus. We have found these sticks to be very versatile, using them for everything from painting pumpkins to creating greeting cards for friends and family. We believe in encouraging our children's interests and letting them lead the way in learning new things. Therefore, we always ask our children what they want to learn about and create learning activities and crafts from there.


Q: We love that you incorporate amazing videos of your activities on your page! What is one of your favorite projects you have created using our products? There have been so many great posts you have made, and we want to know which stands out to you! 


One of our most enjoyable projects has been the creation of our Shoe Box Fish Aquariums. They were a delight to make and added lovely summer décor to our homeschool room.


Q: What’s next for you? Do you have any exciting crafts or activities planned for the Summer months ahead?!


We have exciting summer crafts lined up for you! From popsicles to ocean creatures, there's something for everyone. Also, we're launching a Summer drawing challenge on my Instagram on June 1st. Stay tuned!


Check out some crafts by @craftsfunandlearning on Instagram!


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