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Celebrate Santa's List Day on December 4th!

Celebrate Santa's List Day on December 4th!

Celebrate Santa's List Day on December 4th!

What is Santa's List Day?

Ho ho ho! It's that time of year again when Santa Claus is making his list and checking it twice. But did you know that there's a special day dedicated to creating that all-important holiday wish list? That's right, folks! December 4th is Santa's List Day, a day for kids to start jotting down their heart's desires and dreams for the holiday season.

Why is Santa's List Day so important?

Well, let's face it, dear readers. Santa is a busy guy. He's got a whole workshop of elves to manage, reindeer to feed, and presents to wrap. So, by starting your wish list on Santa's List Day, you're giving the big man in red plenty of time to gather all the goodies you've been dreaming of.

Gift Ideas to Add to Your List

Now that you know the importance of Santa's List Day, it's time to get down to business. What should you put on your wish list? Well, fear not, because we've got some gift ideas that will make Santa's elves jump for joy:


1. Kwik Stix

2. Magic Stix Markers

3. Wonder Stix

4. Daily Doodler Reusable Activity Book

5. Thin Stix Metalix Colors

6. Global Skin Tone Kwik Stix

7. Hexle Fidget Toy

8. Reusable Games Activity Playmat

Christmas Craft Ideas

Snow Man Craft created by @2art.chambers



Christmas Tree Math created by @keepme_busy 


Paper Plate Christmas Trees created by @thechildhoodglen


Shaving Santa created by @simplelifeofsunshine


Reindeer Mask created by @playingcreatingeducating


Gingerbread House created by @aplaywego


Homemade Christmas Wreath created by @drzee_md

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