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Draw with Wonder Stix in the Classroom!

Draw with Wonder Stix in the Classroom!

Wonder Stix are a unique, hybrid-like product of a crayon and pastel! They work on a variety of surfaces including whiteboards, windows, glass, cardboard, paper, wood and even pumpkins! Wonder Stix are washable, odorless, dustless and cap free! They come in an assortment of vibrant colors that will make any project stand out. Let your imagination run wild in the classroom with Wonder Stix! No need to worry about your students losing the cap, Wonder Stix are cap free!

Check out our new Wonder Stix Playmats that can be brought on the go, playdates, in the classroom, and to dinner. Easily wipe away with a damp cloth!

Wonder Stix Houses

Use Wonder Stix to create your own magical house! Add gems, glitter, and more. Wonder Stix are permanent on paper! 


Concentric Hearts

Explore your colors with concentric heart! Have your class spread the love with Wonder Stix!


Peace and Love

Wonder Stix help spread peace and love throughout your classroom! Color on black paper for a permanent pop of color. Color on a chalk board to be easily wiped away! 


Wonder Stix Playmats

Draw on our on the go playmats. Perfect for learning activities and writing. 


Color in Words

Print out new lesson plans and trace-able letters for your kids to draw on top of with Wonder Stix. Wonder Stix are permanent on paper!

Don't want your Wonder Stix to be permanent? Put your trace-able print out into a sheet protector to be reused. Just use a damp cloth to wipe off! 



Have your students draw pictures across magnatiles or any canvas of your choice. Then have them re-assemble as a DIY puzzle!


Write & Wipe

A great alternative to dry eraser markers or chalk! Wonder Stix + Placemats are great for the classroom. Use them for any learning activity. 


Line Practice 

Students will work on the three ways to talk about lines: line type, line quality, and line direction

Window Rainbow

Have your students draw a rainbow on a rainy day or whatever their imagination desires! Wonder Stix glide ride on windows and easily wipe off.

Pop Art Dessert 

Pop art plus dessert, fun to teach! Learning about cylinders and ellipses to create form.