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Explore NEW Zen Strips: The Sensory Experience!

Explore NEW Zen Strips: The Sensory Experience!

Explore NEW Zen Strips: The Sensory Experience!

Do you need a little help focusing and calming your mind? Look no further than Zen Strips! These magical sensory strips are here to save the day and bring some much-needed zen into your life.

What are Zen Strips?

Zen Strips are small adhesive strips that can be placed on everyday items to provide sensory input that helps calm and focus the mind. Think of them as little strips of zen that you can carry with you wherever you go.

How do Zen Strips work?

Simply peel off a Zen Strip and place it on an item you use frequently, like your phone, laptop, or water bottle. The gentle pressure and texture of the strip provide sensory feedback that can help reduce anxiety and improve concentration. 

Where can you place Zen Strips?

The possibilities are endless! Stick a Zen Strip on your phone case to help you stay focused while texting, on a call, or scrolling on social media. Put one on your laptop to keep your mind from wandering during school work. You can even attach one to your water bottle to bring a sense of calm to your hydration routine.

With the hectic pace of modern life, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed. Zen Strips offer a simple and effective way to bring a moment of peace and tranquility into your day. Plus, they're fun to use and come in a variety of colors and patterns to suit your style.

So why not give Zen Strips a try? Stick one on your favorite item and see how it can help you find your zen in the midst of chaos. Your mind will thank you!

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Zen Strips come in two different types of textures including bumpy and sandyCompact and lightweight, offering a convenient method for students to self-regulate emotions and focus by providing tactile sensations while fidgeting while also providing calmness. 

Bumpy Gradient

Bumpy Space

Bumpy Brights

Bumpy Cuties

 Sandy Gradient

Sandy Nature

Sandy Brights

Sandy Cuties

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Anywhere Zen Strips help calm and focus! Anywhere Zen Strips come in a variety of sizes, perfect for your everyday items. Zen Strips seamlessly integrate into your daily surroundings, offering a discreet presence that goes unnoticed, whether you're studying, at the office, or navigating through your everyday activities.


Bumpy Checkered

Sandy Waves

Now you may be wondering where you should place these Zen Strips! Keep Scrolling for some ideas and how these sensory strips can help you!