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February Brand Ambassador of the Month, MomToolbox!

February Brand Ambassador of the Month, MomToolbox!

We are excited to feature our February Brand Ambassador of the Month, MomToolbox! Reina gives us a look into her world of very creative and educational crafts! Read below to find out more about her and see her fantastic projects that will definitely spark inspiration! 

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Q: Tell us a little about yourself! What is the inspiration behind your Instagram page?

     Initially, I started sharing ideas with family and friends via text or email during the global shutdown, which happened to coincide with my husband deploying to Kuwait. We were all going through pandemic parenting fatigue!  When the feedback was positive and I realized it was possible to help people in this way, I began my IG page. 

     My daughter and I were literally a social circle of two since there were no family or friends nearby. To keep busy, we started doing more activities at home and sharing them online. As an occupational therapist, I felt the need to help my daughter meet her developmental milestones while also helping my community. I wanted to show families how easy it could be to set up crafts, sensory play, activities, etc. with little effort and minimal resources.

Q: It has been so wonderful seeing the creativity in your posts and watching your page grow. What inspired you to want to be a Brand Ambassador?

     We had already discovered Kwik Stix paint sticks and loved them a few months prior to my journey on Instagram. Once I started my page, it seemed only logical to reach out to the company. It’s been an amazing journey and many of my followers have messaged me to let me know that they also use your Kwik Stix products now after seeing them on my page. It brings me joy to be sharing a product that is not only a little less toxic but that also makes creating art attainable for all ages.

Q: What is your favorite product of ours that you have tried? We would love to hear more about why you love this product, and if you have any tips or tricks when using it? Is there anything in particular that has helped you in incorporating math and art together?

     I’ve been fortunate enough to have access to several of your products: paint sticks, wonder sticks, markers, fidget toys, pencil grips. So far, our favorite are the paint sticks. They dry in 90 seconds!  For a toddler that is an eternity, but fast enough to keep the project moving along. I love how easy they are to use for little hands and the colors are incredibly vibrant. 

     I love these products to create DIY projects, games and activities to facilitate a fun environment for learning. It’s magical how a little color can make any lesson more fun and digestible. Recently, I created a coding printable where we used your markers to color a snowman. I have plans to create a flower petal counting activity for spring and a tessellation/pattern project from cardboard. 

Q: What is one of your favorite projects you have created using our products? There are so many amazing ones you have posted, and we want to know which creation stands out to you!

     We have enjoyed creating our sensory puzzles and flisat inserts the most. It’s great how projects like these can be used over and over again.  I look forward to developing more sensory experiences in varying themes as my daughter’s interests unfold.

Q: What’s next for you? Any plans or activities planned for the start of this new year and into 2022?

     Our creative juices are alway evolving with the seasons and the upcoming holidays. It is hard to predict where our imagination will take us, but with these amazing products at our fingertips, anything is possible.

     I have an idea to design some fun art with foil and to structure some of our packing paper into something fun for St. Patrick’s Day. I’d also like to produce some more free printables for families to easily print at home and complete with your markers, paint sticks or wonder sticks. 

Click on the images below to be brought to @MomToolbox full post to see how these crafts were created! 

Apple Sensory Puzzle

Turkey Race




Color Filter Tree