Festive Holiday Crafts!

Festive Holiday Crafts!
'Tis the season to share some of our favorite holiday crafts from this year. We love these crafts done using Kwik Stix, Wonder Stix, Magic Stix and Soap Clay!
1. Our new triangular Magic Stix are perfect for adding vibrant colors to a fun holiday mask! 

magic stix markers and reindeer mask

2. How great are these recycled cardboard cutout cookies?! Decorated with Wonder Stix they almost look good enough to eat! 


cardboard cookies with wonder stix


3. Can you believe these are both made from soap?! Use our Soap Clay to make a creation, let it dry for 24 hours and then have your own handmade soap!


candy cane made from clay



flower made with soap clay

4. We love this creative take on the nativity scene made with Kwik Stix, it makes a great addition to the holiday season! 


nativity scene craft


5. A Santa puppet made with Kwik Stix and cardboard is the perfect craft this holiday!


santa pupper with kwik stix


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