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Flag Day Crafts

Flag Day Crafts

Flag Day is celebrated every year on June 14th! Show your red, white, and blue through the American Flag! 

Create your own American Flag this Flag Day using Kwik Stix, Wonder Stix, and Magic Stix!

Kwik Stix are tempera paint sticks that are mess free! They dry in just 90 seconds and do not require paint brushes or a water cup! Kwik Stix come in classic colors, pastels, metalix, neons, earth tones, and global skin tones!
Magic Stix are vibrant colored, triangular markers that promote grip. Magic Stix are guaranteed to last 7 days without the cap! They will also not roll off the table or desk!
Wonder Stix are washable, odorless, dust free and cap free! They work on wood, cardboard, whiteboards, paper, glass, windows and more.

Popsicle Stick Flag

Materials Needed: five popsicle sticks, construction paper, Kwik Stix, scissors, and glue

  1. Paint two popsicle sticks red with Kwik Stix
  2. Paint two popsicle sticks blue with Kwik Stix
  3. Cut a small square from a piece of blue construction paper
  4. Begin to assemble your flag by gluing each popsicle stick together
  5. Glue on your construction paper into the corner
  6. Add white stars onto the piece of construction paper

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Canvas Flag

Materials Needed: canvas, painters tape, gold star stickers, Kwik Stix and scissors

  1. Lay pieces of tape on your canvas forming a striped pattern
  2. Paint each tape stripe in red
  3. Paint a square in blue onto the canvas
  4. Stick on gold stars to represent the 50 stars

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Flag Poster

Materials Needed: paper or poster board and Kwik Stix

  1. Paint striped red lines onto your paper
  2. Paint a blue square in the top left corner
  3. Paint white dots or stars once the blue paint dries

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Window Painted Flag

Materials Needed: Kwik Stix and painters tape

  1. Use painters tape on a glass surface or window
  2. Form a flag with the tape
  3. Then paint in between to form a striped design
  4. Add in your blue square with stars
  5. Wipe off with soap and water when done!

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