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Fun Fourth of July Crafts!

Fun Fourth of July Crafts!

Get creative with red, white, and blue on July 4th! These fun projects and crafts are the perfect way to celebrate! When finished, use as home decor and more!

Kwik Stix are mess-free solid tempera paint that dry in just 90 seconds! Magic Stix markers are guaranteed to bring long lasting color to the page with the cap off for up to 7 days without drying out. Wonder Stix write on almost anything!

Flag Poster

Materials Needed: Kwik Stix Paint, poster board

  1. Start by painting a flag on the poster board with Kwik Stix
  2. Wait just 90 seconds for the paint to dry!
  3. Add on any extra stickers, sparkles, etc.

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Captain America Streamers

Materials Needed: cardboard or paper,  four different size cups or bowls to trace a circle, Popsicle sticks, ribbons, Kwik Stix Paint, glue, and scissors

  1. Trace & Color 4 different shape circles in this order large to small- red, white, red, blue
  2. Trace or draw a star to fit on the smallest circle and color white
  3. Glue circles together large to small and then star on top
  4. Glue ribbons & Popsicle sticks on back

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USA Hearts

Materials Needed: paper and Kwik Stix Paint

  1. Cut out a heart shaped piece of paper
  2. Paint the USA flag with Kwik Stix
  3. Let dry for ONLY 90 seconds!
  4. Display in and around your home!

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Sorting Flag Activity

Materials Needed: large sheet of paper, Kwik Stix Paint, red, white, and blue sorting items (beads, pom poms, gems, etc.)

  1. Trace 3 circles: one red, one blue, one white, using something round, such as a paper plate
  2. Sketch a flag underneath the 3 large circles
  3. Fill all sorting items in a bowl mixed up
  4. Allow your kids to sort each item with the associated color
  5. Have Fun!

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July 4th Plate Art

Materials Needed: paper plates, curling ribbon, star stickers, Kwik Stix, and Wonder Stix

  1. Paint and color paper plates in red, white, and blue
  2. Decorate with stickers of your choice!
  3. Tie a ribbon on top and display!

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