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Halloween Crafting for Kids!

Halloween Crafting for Kids!

Halloween Crafting for Kids!

Halloween is just around the corner, and it's time to get into the spooky and fun spirit with some crafts for kids! If you're looking for creative and mess-free ways to keep your little ghouls and goblins entertained this season, you've come to the right place. We've got a ton of Halloween-inspired craft ideas that will make your home the ultimate haunted masterpiece. 🎃

But hold on to your broomsticks, we're not just using any ordinary art supplies; we've got the amazing trio of Kwik Stix, Wonder Stix, and Magic Stix to bring these crafty ideas to life. These fantastic tools are not only perfect for little hands but also parents who want a break from the cleanup horrors that often accompany arts and crafts time.

So, grab your cauldron of imagination, your favorite costume, and let's embark on a Halloween crafting adventure like no other. Get ready to create spook-tacular memories with your little monsters, thanks to these fang-tastic art supplies. 🧙‍♀️🎨


Colorful Pumpkin Patch

Materials Needed: Neon Kwik Stix, Magic Stix, and paper
  1. Start by painting circles with your neon Kwik Stix
  2. Add accents to each circles to form a pumpkin using a black marker
  3. Draw the stem onto each pumpkin 
  4. Fill in the white space with more Halloween and fall accents
  5. Add in black lines and sketched leaves
  6. Hang up in your home to get into the Halloween spirit!

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Wooden Pumpkin Clothespins

Materials Needed: cardboard, wooden clothespins, and Magic Stix

  1. Color in your Halloween clothespins with Magic Stix
  2. Grab a piece of cardboard and pin each one onto the border
  3. Draw or paint your favorite part about Halloween
  4. Hang for a festive decoration

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Pumpkin Sorting

Materials Needed: Kwik Stix, empty cardboard box, scissors, and small pumpkins

  1. Turn an empty box on its side
  2. Cut out two big holes
  3. Paint around one of the holes with an orange Kwik Stix
  4. Paint around the other hole with a white Kwik Stix
  5. Add a green stem onto each 
  6. Gather your white and orange small pumpkins in a pile
  7. Sort each pumpkin and place in the correct side

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Orange Peel Pumpkins

Materials Needed: cardboard, Kwik Stix, oranges, scissors, and glue

  1. Cut out a pumpkin shape with a small stem from a piece of cardboard
  2. Paint onto the cardboard a jack-o-lantern face
  3. After eating your orange, rip the peel into small pieces
  4. Glue on each piece of orange peel to fill in the cardboard

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Vibrant Pumpkins

Materials Needed: white paper, glue, Kwik Stix, Magic Stix, and scissors

  1. Cut out a bunch of pumpkin shapes with your white paper and scissors
  2. Paint each one with a different color
  3. Add accents and outlines using Magic Stix 
  4. Overlap each pumpkin and glue together, forming a collage of pumpkins

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Pumpkin Sorting with Wonder Stix and Chopsticks

Materials Needed: Wonder Stix, pumpkin pasta, interactive table tray, and chopsticks or tongs

  1. Draw pumpkins onto the clear tray
  2. Label each pumpkin with a number
  3. Grab each piece if pumpkin pasta with your tongs or chopsticks
  4. Place the number of pumpkin pastas into their corresponding pumpkin number drawn on the table
  5. Continue this process and happy sorting!

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Halloween Bookmarks

Materials Needed: wooden bookmarks, Kwik Stix, Magic Stix, and foam stickers

  1. Lay each of your wooden bookmarks onto a table
  2. Paint each one in Halloween colors
  3. Add Halloween themed foam stickers onto wooden bookmarks
  4. Use in your favorite book for the fall season!

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Candy Corn

Materials Needed: construction paper, scissors, and Kwik Stix

  1. Cut triangle shapes out using construction paper
  2. Be sure to round each point of the triangles
  3. Paint each triangle into three colors
  4. Use as a decoration accent or trade with classmates! 

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Halloween Rocks

Materials Needed: rocks and Kwik Stix

  1. Go for a nature walk outside and collect medium sized rocks
  2. Paint rocks with Kwik Stix 
  3. Be sure to create pumpkins, ghosts, cats, Frankenstein, and more!

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Pumpkin Pasta

Materials Needed: Kwik Stix, pasta, paper, glue, and a pencil

  1. Sketch an outline of a pumpkin onto paper
  2. Drizzle glue onto and inside the outline of the pumpkin
  3. Glue pasta to fill the white space
  4. Grab your Kwik Stix and paint away!
  5. Paint the pasta once the glue is dry!

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Pumpkin Faces

Materials Needed: Kwik Stix, construction paper, glue, googly eyes, cardboard, scissors, and glue

  1. Paint a pumpkin onto a piece of cardboard 
  2. Use your construction paper to cut out different shape of eyes, mouths, noses, etc.
  3. Interchange each set of eyes, mouth, and nose to design your own pumpkin face
  4. Once you like what your pumpkin looks like, glue on the pieces and hang up for a decoration

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Egg Carton Pumpkins

Materials Needed: Kwik Stix, empty egg cartons, pipe cleaners,  hot glue, scissors, exacto knife and a Sharpie

  1. Cut apart an egg carton into individual pieces
  2. Use an exacto knife to cut ridges onto both ends
  3. Glue each piece (top and bottom) together using hot glue
  4. Draw tiny eyes and nose onto the egg carton with a black Sharpie
  5. Glue a pipe cleaner onto the top of the egg carton
  6. Bend the pipe cleaner into a spiral

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Pumpkin Puzzle

Materials Needed: cardboard, scissors, Kwik Stix, Magic Stix, 

  1. Draw a large pumpkin in the center of the cardboard
  2. Draw tiny pumpkins in each corner
  3. Cut out each circle from the pumpkin
  4. Flip over
  5. Paint each circle and left over cardboard with a different design
  6. Solve the puzzle on both sides!

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Pumpkin Painting

Materials Needed: pumpkins and Kwik Stix

  1. After pumpkin picking, grab your Kwik Stix and paint away!

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