July Brand Ambassador of the Month - @meet_the_hric_family

July Brand Ambassador of the Month - @meet_the_hric_family

July Brand Ambassador of the Month!

We are so excited to learn a little more about our featured Brand Ambassador @meet_the_hric_family! Iris is a homeschool teacher and mom that used play based on learning! Read her interview below!


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Q: Tell us a little about yourself! What is the inspiration behind your Instagram page?
I'm a stay home mom of five wonderful kids. I like to teach my kids based on play through learn in both languages; Spanish, Slovak and English. We love doing lots of arts, crafts and sensory play along with activities. I love nature, take my kids outside and do arts, crafts and let them play. 
My inspiration behind my Instagram page, is when I teach my kids that motivates me to create fun activities so I can continue to teach them. Sometimes they would give me the ideas of what they want to do and I like to add something fun for them. We will take art or crafts outdoors or indoors.   
Q: We have loved seeing your page grow, and all the fun and amazing projects and activities you share, and we learn so much as you incorporate play based learning at home! What inspired you to want to be a Brand Ambassador?                                                                                          
We love The Pencil Grip so much. I'm a busy mama of five kids. I setup all the Kwik Stix paint at my table every day, my kids would grab them and do arts and crafts while I cook or do chores. It helps them keep them occupied and entertained them for hours to do arts. We are super huge fans of Kwik Stix paint and we are very happy to be part as a brand ambassador.       
Q: What is your favorite product of ours that you have tried so far? Can you tell us more about why you love this product, and if you have any tips or tricks when using it or favorite techniques? Is there anything in particular that has helped you blend creativity, play, and learning together at home and any advice you can provide to others?         
The Kwik Stix paint is one of my favorite, even though I love all the products. My kids and I like to use a mix of everything, the Magic Stix and the Wonder Stix. Kids would call magic paint, we love it and even the cousins when they visit us love making crafts and using the products.                                                             
Yes, Kwik Stix paint has been a must have in our home, even though we like to use the Magic Stix, and the Wonder Stix. I used it all the time to create an activity based on play through learn. Also, make hand made cards for birthdays, holidays and theme crafts. I bet your little ones would love creating fun cards with the Kwik Stix paint and the Magic Stix. Also, your kiddos would love the Wonder Stix, you could use for your window activities, also on a glass door, super fun and entertained.                         
Q: We love that you incorporate amazing videos of your crafts and activities on your page! What is one of your favorite projects you have created using our products? There have been so many great videos and posts you have made, and we want to know which stands out to you!
The Memorial Day crafts my kids made. One of my recent favorite ones, they use the Wonder Stix.                                           
Q: What’s next for you? Do you have any exciting crafts or activities planned for the Summer months ahead?!                                                          
Of course! Sea/ocean activities, ice cream activities, camping, flowers, nature and many more.                                                                                                       

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