June Brand Ambassador of the Month - @isateony

June Brand Ambassador of the Month - @isateony


June Brand Ambassador of the Month!

We are so excited to learn a little more about our featured Brand Ambassador @isateony! Maria is a mother who uses crafts to enhance a fun learning experience! Read her interview below!

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Q: Tell us a little about yourself! What is the inspiration behind your Instagram page?

I am a former Fashion Designer and took a break from working once my youngest was born and to spend more time with my kids. I've always had a passion for art and creating, which is something I want to instill in my kids. They are the inspiration behind my brand and I share what we do including arts and crafts as well as learning through play. 

Q: We have loved seeing your page grow, and all the fun and amazing projects and activities you share, and we learn so much as you incorporate fun and learning! What inspired you to want to be a Brand Ambassador?

I was a big fan of kwikstix before I was even on Instagram! I found them on Amazon when I was looking for art materials for my then 2 year old to use and wanted a product that would be safe if my then 6 month old got his hands on them. Our first product was the chunky kwikstix which are perfect for little hands.

Q: What is your favorite product of ours that you have tried so far?  Can you tell us more about why you love this product, and if you have any tips or tricks when using it or favorite techniques? Is there anything in particular that has helped you blend creativity, play, and learning together and any advice you can provide to others?

Hands down - kwikstix! I love how rich the colors are and how fast they dry. We use them for all of our big projects and one of my tips is to blend it with a bit of water and a brush if you want to get a watercolor effect. The fact that the paint dries quickly and washes easily is a game changer for any type of activity. My kids are still at an age where waiting is not easy, so the fact that they can paint something and have it dry fast enough to keep going has been huge for us.

Q: We love that you incorporate amazing videos of your crafts and activities on your page! What is one of your favorite projects you have created using our products? There have been so many great videos and posts you have made, and we want to know which stands out to you!

One of my all-time favorite projects using kwikstix is painting leaves. My kids love collecting leaves then sorting them when they get home so they can paint them. Once they're painted they use them to decorate outside, to count, and to play you name it! 

Q: What’s next for you? Do you have any exciting crafts or activities planned for the Summer months ahead?!

I'm thinking big this year and I want to have the kids paint on a larger scale. I still have to work out the details, but I am thinking either painting on large panels of wood or canvas! 


Light Tracing Activity


Flower Numbers


Painted Stars


Painted Leaves


Inside Out Characters