Kick Off Summer Themed Crafts!

Kick Off Summer Themed Crafts!
June 21st is quickly approaching which means the Summer is almost here! Crafting is a great way to spend time outdoors in the nice weather! These summer activities will have your children excited and creatively thinking! 
Kwik Stix are tempera paint sticks that are mess free! They dry in just 90 seconds and do not require paint brushes or a water cup! Kwik Stix come in classic colors, pastels, metalix, neons, earth tones, and global skin tones!
Magic Stix are vibrant colored, triangular markers that promote grip. Magic Stix are guaranteed to last 7 days without the cap! They will also not roll off the table or desk!
Wonder Stix are washable, odorless, dust free and cap free! They work on wood, cardboard, whiteboards, paper, glass, windows and more.
Keep scrolling for some summer activities and craft and inspo!


Painted Sea Shells

Materials Needed: Shells and Kwik Stix

  1. Spend some time at the beach collecting shells
  2. Pick up some of your favorite shapes
  3. Use Kwik Stix to paint your shells
  4. Display as a summer decoration!

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Nature Painting

Materials Needed: paper and Kwik Stix

  1. Sit outside and look around you
  2. Draw what you see with Kwik Stix
  3. Add in colors of flowers, trees, sky, birds, etc.
  4. Display your nature painting!

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Cardboard Sketching

Materials Needed: Kwik Stix and cardboard
  1. Find any scrap cardboard you have in your house
  2. Lay it on a flat surface
  3. Sketch your summer theme with Kwik Stix

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Coffee Filter Butterfly

Materials Needed: coffee filters, Magic Stix, and pipe cleaners

  1. Draw on the coffee filters with Magic Stix
  2. Add a tiny splash of water and watch the colors spread
  3. Wait until the coffee filter dries
  4. Pinch the middle of the coffee filter and wrap a pipe cleaner around the middle
  5. Curl the ends of the pipe cleaner

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Pet Rocks

Materials Needed: rocks, Kwik Stix, and chia seeds, and water

  1. Soak the rocks and the chia seeds in water before starting
  2. Once the chia seeds are inflated and look like a paste consistency, you can begin spreading the chia seeds on the rock
  3. Get creative, create different hairlines on your rocks
  4. Paint a face onto the rock to make your pet come to life

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Macaroni and Crabs

Materials Needed: Kwik Stix, Wonder Stix, 8 pieces of pasta, orange pipe cleaners, glue, paper, and googly eyes

  1. Draw an orange rainbow shaped body
  2. Paint your macaroni orange
  3. Add on hands and eyes
  4. Twist pipe cleaners and insert them into the pasta
  5. Glue pasta onto the paper

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Rock Painting

Materials Needed: rocks and Kwik Stix

  1. Collect rocks outdoors in your backyard
  2. Paint each rock with Kwik Stix

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Materials Needed: Kwik Stix, black marker, and paper

  1. Draw outlines of insects onto paper
  2. Color in with Kwik Stix
  3. Display for a nice summer background

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Pasta Art

Materials Needed: cardboard, assortment of pasta, Kwik Stix, and glue

  1. Glue your pasta onto cardboard, creating a summery picture
  2. Paint with Kwik Stix
  3. Paint the pasta and the cardboard, and then display!
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Ice Cream Cone

Materials Needed: large piece of paper, additional paper, scissors, Kwik Stix, and glue

  1. Cut out 4 circles and 1 triangle from your paper
  2. Paint each one with Kwik Stix
  3. Glue onto your larger piece of paper
  4. Paint around the cone in your favorite colors and patters

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