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Magic Stix in the Classroom!

Magic Stix in the Classroom!

No Cap? No Problem! Magic Stix are GUARANTEED to last with the cap off for up to 7 DAYS without drying out! These markers feature a new, triangular shape to promote proper grip, and help develop fine motor skills, plus, they will not roll off your table or desk while working! Added bonus - Magic Stix include a carrying case that is easy to clean and sanitize. Available in 12, 24, 36, and 48 packs! 

Magic Stix and Letters

Magic Stix Triangular shape helps your grip when writing. Practice your writing skills with upper and lower case letters.

Diversity in the Classroom

Magic Stix Global Skin Tones help create diversity. Draw people in their true color. The triangular shape doesn't roll off the desk.

Letter Recognition

Use ping pong balls to match letters and color in with Magic Stix! This letter/color match activity helps with fine motor skills.


Letter to Letter Joining 

Write out some letters, around five of each letter. Join the same letters together. A great letter based activity that will also help with color pattern recognition. 


Animals from Circles

Start with a circle and add some details to create any animal of your choice! You can also use different shapes for a learning activity.

Color Coding Flowers

Write the numbers 1-6 on the top of a piece of paper using Triangle Magic Stix Markers and draw flowers all over the rest of the paper with dots representing numbers 1-6. Color in the flower petals with the corresponding numbers. This is excellent practice for subitizing, which is the ability to recognize a group of objects without counting them.

Color the Shapes

Teach students the name and spelling of colors or what letter each color begins with. In this worksheet, they have to color and work on visually scanning, to color all of the designated shape a specific color!