Memorial Day Crafts for Kids

Memorial Day Crafts for Kids

Memorial Day Crafts for Kids

With Memorial Day approaching, it is the perfect time to represent red, white, and blue with Kwik Stix. Here are some fun, creative crafts to do outdoors at this year's barbecue or at the beach.

American Flag Painting

Materials Needed: Kwik Stix and white paper

  1. Draw your flag onto a piece of white paper using Kwik Stix
  2. Start with the stars
  3. Add striped 
  4. Display to represent and honor our heroes!

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Tissue Paper Star

Materials Needed: tissue paper, Kwik Stix, wooden stars, string/ribbon, and glue

  1. Begin by gently painting your tissue paper with Kwik Stix
  2. Once it is dry, rip up into tiny pieces
  3. Glue onto wooden star overlapping each piece
  4. Arrange in a red, white, and blue pattern
  5. Glue on a string or ribbon to the top of your star to display

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Patriotic Stars

Materials Needed: Kwik Stix Paint, Wooden Craft Sticks, Glue, and Star Stickers
1. Lay out five Wooden Craft Sticks
2. Paint each stick in red, white, and blue
3. Wait only 90 seconds for paint to dry. Decorate with your choice of Patriotic Stickers
5. Glue each corner of Craft Stick to one another creating a star formation
6. Display your Patriotic Stars in your home!
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Painted Heart Flags

Materials Needed: Kwik Stix Paint, White Paper, and Scissors

1. Draw a heart on a white sheet of paper
2. Carefully cut out the heart with your scissors, following the outline
3. Paint a blue square in the top left corner of the each heart
4. Paint stars in the blue square
5. Finish decorating by adding red stripes horizontally

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Red, White, and Blue Seashells

Materials Needed: Seashells, Kwik Stix Thin Stix Paint

1. Start by collecting seashells at the beach or purchasing seashells
2. Be creative with your red, white, and blue Kwik Stix 
3. Paint on stripes, stars, polka dots, etc.

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Wooden Flags

Materials Needed: Kwik Stix Paint, Wooden Craft Sticks, Glue

1. Lay out five Wooden Craft Sticks in the horizontal direction
2. Glue each one together so all five are touching horizontally
3. Paint a quarter of all sticks blue with the remainder of each stick either being white or red
4. Paint on dots or stars on the blue part of the sticks to resemble stars
5. Glue on the last stick in the vertical direction, holding together all five horizontal sticks

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Memorial Day Poster

Materials Needed: Kwik Stix Paint, United States/Flag Coloring Page 

1. Print out a free United States Flag coloring page or draw your own
2. Be creative with Kwik Stix Paint

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Kick off the summer with these fun, colorful crafts! Perfect for the start of warm weather!

Summer Popsicles

Materials Needed: Cardboard/paper, Wooden Popsicle Sticks, Kwik Stix Paint, Wonder Stix, scissors, tape/glue

1. Cut out a rectangle of paper or cardboard
2. Cut a curved top of the rectangle
2. Paint or color the popsicle stick in bright colors
3. Paint the popsicle into your favorite summer ice cream flavor
4. Glue the edge of the popsicle stick to the bottom of the cardboard/paper

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Plate Watermelon

Materials Needed: Paper plates, Kwik Stix Paint, scissors

1. Cut each paper plate in half
2. Paint the rounded side of each half plate with shades of green
3. Paint the half circle (inside of he watermelon) the color of your choice
4. Draw or paint the seeds in the watermelon
5. Display your new summer artwork on the fridge!

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