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Mess-Free Egg Painting!

Mess-Free Egg Painting!

Hippity Hoppity, Easter is its way! But that doesn't mean a big mess has to be!

Egg painting is a fun tradition for those who celebrate Easter, and sometimes there’s no time for the mess of traditional egg painting or dip dye painting. Did you know that Kwik Stix and Wonder Stix work on eggs without the long dry time?

Kwik Stix come in multiple packs and shades of colors to create countless beautiful Easter eggs including: pastel, metalix, primary, neon and everything in between! Kwik Stix are Solid Tempera paint, so they glide right on the eggs  with a paint finish, but dry in just 90 seconds. 

Shop the entire Kwik Stix shade collection here! 

Wonder Stix can be used on eggs, and their crayon-like texture and size allow for more precision and detailed designs. Wonder Stix have bright, pastel, rainbow shades that are perfect for the Easter Season. 

Easter eggs painted with Classic Kwik Stix 

Easter eggs painted with Pastel Kwik Stix 

Easter eggs painted with Limited Edition Easter Pastel Kwik Stix

Easter eggs painted with Classic and Metallic Thin Stix 

Easter eggs painted with all Kwik Stix colors. Find them in the 60 pack