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National Beach Day 8/30

National Beach Day 8/30

Wrap up the summer with these fun beach crafts! Celebrate National Beach Day on August 30th! Grab your Kwik Stix, Magic Stix, and Wonder Stix and head to the beach! 

Crab Craft

Use Wonder Stix and Kwik Stix to draw this cute crab! Add painted pasta and pipe cleaners for the legs! Bring this cute crab to the beach with you on National Beach Day!

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Pasta Boat

Glue pasta onto a piece of cardboard to create your favorite type of boat. Use Kwik Stix to paint the pasta. Hang up for National Beach Day! 

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Picture Sail Boat

Cut up pieces of cardboard and paint with Kwik Stix. Create different colorful designs on each piece. Glue together to form a sail boat. Print out a picture of your favorite summer memory!

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Painted Seashells

Celebrate National Beach Day at the beach! Collect your favorite rocks and shells and paint them! Keep as a fun memory!

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Paper Plate Crab

Cut your paper plate in half and paint with Kwik Stix! Wait 90 seconds, and your paint will be dry. Cut out legs, arms, and eyes for the crab out of construction paper. Glue onto your painted paper plate. Bring this little creature to the beach with you! 

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Toilet Paper Octopus

Don't throw out your toilet paper roll! Reuse for fun crafts like these! Paint with Kwik Stix and cut the bottom to make eight legs. Add gems or beads!

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Reusable Coloring Sheet

Print out a seashell or beach themed coloring sheet! Place into a clear sheet protector and color with Magic Stix! Wipe off when your done and reuse! 

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Sandcastle Sensory Puzzle

Use sand and shells to create this amazing sandcastle. Paint with Metallix Kwik Stix! To make a sensory puzzle print out paper seashells!

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Shell Counting

Collect shells, color sort, then count! Use Wonder Stix to label! 
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