National Flower Day! 3/21

National Flower Day! 3/21
Kicking off the start of Spring with National Flower Day on March 21st! Flowers always offer an uplifting mood with their pretty colors! Make pretty flower crafts this Spring and use as décor or gift them to uplift someone's mood! Happy Spring!  🌷 🌼 🌻🌺 🌹

Flower Buttons

Materials Needed: cardboard, scissors, assorted buttons, Kwik Stix, and glue
  1. Cut your cardboard into flower shapes
  2. Paint each flower with Kwik Stix
  3. Glue one button onto each flower
  4. Add them to another project or display!

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Pom Pom Flowers

Materials Needed: cardboard, scissors. pom poms, glue, Kwik Stix, and paper

  1. Cut your paper into leaf shapes
  2. Paint with green Kwik Stix
  3. Cut flower petals from your cardboard
  4. Glue flower petals together and add a pom pom to the center
  5. Glue the flower onto the leaves

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Flower Puzzle

Materials Needed: empty paper towel roll, paper towel holder, Kwik Stix, and a scissor

  1. Paint a flower onto your empty paper towel roll with Kwik Stix
  2. Using your scissor, cut it up into 7-8 sections
  3. Mix up the order of the flower
  4. Recreate the correct order of pieces to make a flower
  5. Repeat!

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Spring Flowers

Materials Needed: cardboard, card stock paper, glue, scissors, and Kwik Stix

  1. Use a left over piece of cardboard to create the flowers
  2. Cut out thin pieces for the stems
  3. Cut out flower bulbs 
  4. Paint your spring background onto your card stock paper
  5. Paint your flower stems, bulbs, and petals
  6. Glue all flowers and pieces onto your background
  7. Display for a Spring decoration

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Spring Basket

Materials Needed: brown paper bag, wooden popsicle sticks, Pastel Kwik Stix, scissors, and tape

  1. Cut the brown paper bag in half, to make the basket shorter
  2. Cut the half into 2 pieces
  3. Paint one piece green
  4. Use the second piece to paint and create the flowers
  5. Cut thin strips from the green piece to make flower's stems
  6. Tape these pieces to popsicle sticks
  7. Cut out the flowers when you are done painting them and tape to green stem
  8. Take the rest of the brown bag and fold the front over, you may have to tear the seam of the bag
  9. Cut pieces in the front of the bag to form an overlapping texture.
  10. Tape each flower to appear inside the basket

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Flower Butterfly

Materials Needed: cardboard, Kwik Stix, flowers, and glue

  1. Paint a large butterfly onto a piece of cardboard
  2. Go exploring outside or in your yard and pick tiny flowers
  3. Glue these flowers on the inside of your painted butterfly

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Plant Spring Flowers

Materials Needed: plain flower pot, Kwik Stix, soil, and a plant or flower

  1. Start by painting your flower pots with Kwik Stix
  2. Add any gems or stickers you would like
  3. Add your soil and flower into the pot
  4. Water and place in sunlight!

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Blooming Flowers

 Materials Needed: card stock paper, scissors, Kwik Stix, bucket, water

  1. Cut your card stock paper into shapes of flowers
  2. Paint each flower in your desired color
  3. Fold each petal of the flowers towards the middle
  4. Place in water and watch the flowers bloom!

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