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National Teacher Day 5/2

National Teacher Day 5/2

National Teacher Day 5/2

National Teacher Day is celebrated every year to appreciate the educators of our children around the world! Teachers are one of many reasons we are who we are today. At some point in our lives, a teacher has impacted us. We trust these understanding and passionate professionals with our children each and everyday.
 May 2nd followed along with Teacher Appreciation Week 5/8-5/12 is meant to honor the great and exceptional teachers we know!

Say "Thank You" to your teacher or any teachers you may know for helping you grow and learn! Show your appreciation by bringing in needed classroom supplies, writing a thank you note, gifting a homemade craft, and volunteering!


Check out some of our classroom crafts posted by our amazing teachers!


3rd Grade Rainbows



Classroom Butterflies



Basquiat's Artwork




Hearts in the Classroom




Colorful Forest




School Supplies




Colorful Faces




Second Grade Animals