Sharpen your Celebration on National Pencil Day! March 30th

Sharpen your Celebration on National Pencil Day! March 30th

Sharpen your Celebration on National Pencil Day! March 30th

Did you know that March 30th is National Pencil Day? Yes, you heard that right! A whole day dedicated to celebrating the trusty pencil! But wait, there's more! Today, we're diving into the world of pencil grips and how they can take your writing game to the next level. So, grab your favorite pencil and let's get started!

What's the Deal with Pencil Grips?

So, you might be wondering, what's the big deal with pencil grips? Well, let me tell you, pencil grips not only provide comfort and support for your fingers, but they also help improve your handwriting (no more chicken scratch, hooray!). Plus, they come in all sorts of fun shapes and colors, so you can show off your style while you write.

How Do Pencil Grips Work Their Magic?

Pencil grips are designed to help you hold your pencil in the proper position, reducing strain on your fingers and wrist. By promoting a tripod grip (you know, the one where you hold the pencil with your thumb and index finger while resting it on your middle finger), pencil grips can help you write more comfortably and efficiently. Say goodbye to hand cramps and hello to smooth, effortless writing!

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Our Pencil Grips are designed by doctors, tested by kids, approved by parents. Our ergonomic pencil grips improve handwriting, help give more control, and reduce hand fatigue. These colorful pencil grippers benefit both Adults and Children, Righties and Lefties. The Pencil Grip is the #1 grip recommended by therapists to help children write. 
Our Pencil Grips come in a variety of different shapes for your desired fit! Find which grip is best for you!

The Original

The original pencil grip is the #1 grip recommended by therapists to help kids write. Benefits adults, children, righties, and lefties. This pencil grip fits on pencils, pens, crayons, and more! With the original pencil grip, writing becomes easy and natural. The Pencil Grip improves handwriting, helps to give more control, and reduces hand fatigue. Its unique, patented design gently encourages the fingers and hand to rest in the proper position for gripping – The Tripod Grip. Unlike other pencil grips, The Pencil Grip feels natural because of its ergonomic design and soft, flexible, latex-free material.

The original grip comes in classic colors, neon, metallic, and glitter!


The Crossover

The Crossover Grip improves kids handwriting by helping to give more control, reduce hand fatigue, and increase comfort. Writing with The Crossover Grip is easy and natural. Other rigid, harder grips can cause hand pain and discourage practice. The unique “wings” of the grip cover the thumb and pointer finger gently and hold them in the proper position for gripping – the Tripod Grip.


The Pinch Grip

The Pinch Grip embodies the perfect blend between The Pencil Grip and The Crossover Grip. The open cups of the grip guides without restriction. The elongated center ridge functions as a barrier so the fingers do not crossover to the other side of the grip. The Pinch Grip naturally reinforces proper positioning while also allowing for freedom and comfort.

Explore additional grip options such as the Jumbo Grip, Pointer Grip, Ring Grip, and more!

The Claw

The Writing CLAW is designed for proper grip development. With The Writing CLAW, children do not need to think about the mechanics of the correct grip. The grip builds the positive habit of an efficient grip and produces improved handwriting and control. The extremely flexible connection of the CLAW works for holding pencils, pens, crayons, markers, utensils and paintbrushes. The Writing CLAW comes in small, medium, and large sizes with specific age ranges. 

Small: Pre-K

Medium: Kindergarten through 5th grade

Large: 5th grade+ 



 The Bumpy Grip

The Bumpy Grip is lightweight and slim for easier writing. Provides excellent tactile feedback! Encourages proper form, while relieving fatigue.
  • Truly ergonomic    
  • Bumpy surface for a great tactile feel        
  • Designed for Adults & Children, Righties & Lefties    
  • Designed by doctors, tested by kids, approved by parents

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