The Ultimate Back to School Guide for Elementary Students

The Ultimate Back to School Guide for Elementary Students

The Ultimate Back to School Guide for Elementary Students

As the summer days start to wind down, it's time for the little ones to gear up for a new school year. But fear not, this back to school guide for elementary students will make sure they are fully prepared with all the must-have school and classroom supplies.

No classroom is complete without a good set of art supplies. Encourage your little one to pick out fun and colorful writing tools to make homework a bit more exciting! Kwik Stix are great for classrooms because they are mess free! You can finally add paint to your projects without needing water, cups, or brushes! Kwik Stix dry in 90 seconds, allowing assignments and projects to be taken home that same day!

Check out this Ultimate Back to School Guide Exclusively for Elementary School!

 1. Pencil Grips

 Pencil grips are great additions to any classroom! TPG Creations Pencil Grips are designed by doctors, tested by kids, and approved by parents. Our ergonomic pencil grips improve handwriting, help give more control, and reduce hand fatigue while writing. Each pencil grip can benefit both righties and lefties. The Pencil Grip is the #1 grip recommended by therapists to help children write!
Early writers should start with the 3-Step Training Kit to gradually improve grip and stability. This training kit includes 1 Crossover Grip, 1 Pinch Grip, & The Pencil Grip. Begin with the Crossover Grip for training as its wings prevent fingers from crossing over. Then, move on to the Pinch Grip as it balances structure and freedom. Graduate, with the original Pencil Grip as it provides comfort and control!

This beginner pack comes with 3 different pencil grip styles (2 of each style) that are most recommended for the early childhood stage. The best writing aid for your little ones. All the pencil grips are latex free and are suitable for right- and left-handers.
  • Helps little fingers to stay in the proper position
  • Excellent for Righties & Lefties
  • Fits on pencils, crayons, pens & many writing and drawing tools

2. Jumbo Kwik Stix

Kwik Stix Solid Tempera Paint now comes in JUMBO sized and they are perfect for poster painting and big projects in the classroom! Jumbo Kwik Stix have 4 times more paint than regular Kwik Stix! These are the same 90 second dry time formula, and no cups, smocks, water or brushes needed. Jumbo Kwik Stix are perfect for elementary students simply because they are easier for small hands to hold. Most often used in Pre-k and Kindergarten!

3. Kwik Stix

Kwik Stix are solid tempera paint sticks, that dry in 90 seconds! These are perfect for classrooms because they are mess free! No smocks, no water cups, no paint brushes needed; and take projects home the same day. Use Kwik Stix on a variety of surfaces: poster board, paper, wood and more (they even work on pumpkins, eggs and sea shells!) These vibrant paint sticks come in NEW Rainbow, Classic, Metalix, Neon, Earth, Jewel, Pastel, and Global Skin Tones. Choose from a variety of pack sizes depending on your preferences in the classroom or at home. Also, you can rest easy as Kwik Stix are nut, egg, gluten free, and non-toxic! 
Discover Kwik Stix Class Packs for your classroom! Allow students to share colors and spark creativity! Class Packs are available in classic colors, metallic, neons, pastels, and global skin tones!

4. Magic Stix

Magic Stix Markers are great for classrooms! Magic Stix last 7 days without the cap without drying out! Magic Stix are triangular markers so you never have to worry about markers rolling of desks and causing a distraction!  Perfect for the little ones! Enjoy the vibrant colors without the worry of coming back to dried out markers!
Magic Stix come in 12, 24, 36, and 48 packs! Also check out Magic Stix Global Skin Tones! 

5. Wonder Stix

Wonder Stix are an exciting and versatile medium that are amazing for the classroom because they work on almost any surface. They easily wipe away from white boards, windows, chalkboards and most non-porous surfaces. Conversely, on paper, wood, cardboard and other porous surfaces - they act as permanent crayons, so the possibilities are endless! The bright, bold colors go on smooth, with no odor, dust, and are washable. 

Create Everyday with Wonder Stix:


6. Zen Strips

Zen Strips are sensory strips that help calm and focus.  touch, swipe, scratch or fidget with Zen Strips to manage stress, boost concentration and enjoy a calming effect. Zen Strips come in two different textures: Bumpy and Sandy.
Place Zen Strips on everyday items such as water bottles, laptops, phone cases, keys, and more!
Zen Strips are the perfect solution to boosting concentration in the classroom!

7. Feeling Heads

Five fun faces to squish and help express different feelings. Feeling heads are a great tool to help children communicate their emotions and relieve stress. Feeling Heads are a great tool for schools, therapy, work and home. They come with 5 different expressions in each set; Happy, Sad, Disgusted, Shocked and Anxious.

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