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Camp Mini-Starter Pack: Camp Favorites Collection

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Elevate your summer camp's arts and crafts sessions with the Camp Mini-Starter Pack, a specially curated assortment of our most popular and beloved items. This collection is the perfect toolset for camp arts and crafts staff, providing a wide range of high-quality, versatile supplies that cater to all levels of creativity and skill.

Kwik Stix, Classic Colors, 96 Class Pack: Begin with the basics with our Classic Colors Multipack. This set includes 96 pieces in a variety of vibrant colors, perfect for drawing, coloring, and crafting. The ample supply ensures every camper finds their favorite hue and has enough to share, making group projects more colorful and engaging.

Thin Stix, Classic, Metallic and Neon Colors, 24 Pack: Add precision to your artistic arsenal with Thin Stix. These 24 slim paint sticks are ideal for more intricate details, providing the same quick-drying, no-mess benefits as their thicker counterparts. They're a hit for artists who love to add that extra touch of detail to their work.

Magic Stix Markers, 48 Pack: Magic Markers are here to bring a touch of magic to every creation. This 48-pack offers an array of colors, each washable and non-toxic, making them safe for campers of all ages. Designed to stay fresh for up to 7 days without a cap, these markers are as durable as they are vibrant.

Wonder Stix ,24 Pack: Encourage campers to think beyond paper with Wonder Stix. This 24-pack allows for drawing and writing on an assortment of surfaces, including wood, cardboard, whiteboards, and more. Washable, odorless, and dust-free, Wonder Stix are as practical as they are fun, sparking creativity in every camper.

The Camp Mini-Starter Pack: Camp Favorites Collection is more than just supplies; it's a gateway to creativity and fun. With these popular, versatile items, your camp's arts and crafts staff will be well-equipped to inspire and facilitate a memorable, artistic summer for every camper. Bring this collection to your camp and watch as it fosters a vibrant, creative community.