NEW! Anywhere Zen Strips, Sandy Palm Leaves

SKU: TPG-886

Sensory strips help calm and focus! Simply touch, swipe, scratch or fidget with Zen Strips to manage stress, boost concentration and enjoy a calming effect.

Various sizes allow for even more possibilities! 

Sandy Palm Leaves: This set includes 13 Anywhere Zen Strips with a raised, grainy texture with leaf patterns. 

Simplicity: With an easy peel, stick, and press application, use on your everyday items including smartphones, laptops, tablets, or even water bottles. The various sizes work great for any item!

Safety: Manufactured using non-toxic, child-friendly materials.

Discreet Design: Zen Strips seamlessly integrate into your daily surroundings, offering a discreet presence that goes unnoticed, whether you're studying, at the office, or navigating through your everyday activities.

Portable Calm: Compact and lightweight, offering a convenient method for students to self-regulate emotions and focus by providing tactile sensations while fidgeting while also providing calmness. 

*This product listing highlights the Zen Strip line with lifestyle images that showcase the various colors available in our packs. The design included in this pack are shown in the first 2 images.