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10 Easy & Fun Halloween Crafts!

10 Easy & Fun Halloween Crafts!

Ten Halloween crafts that are absolutely mess free! All the crafts below use Kwik Stix Paint. Hope you have a spook-tacular time creating! 

1. Pumpkin Painting 


 Glow in the dark pumpkins with Neon Kwik Stix!


Add yarn for a spider web effect! 


Materials Needed: Pumpkins & Kwik Stix

1. Color in the pumpkins with your favorite Kwik Stix Colors

2. Monster Puppets


Materials Needed: Brown Paper Bags, Scissors, Paper or Newspaper, Kwik Stix & Glue

1. Color in the paper bag with your Kwik Stix

2. Cut out shapes out of paper for eyes, teeth and other features

3. Glue the features on the paper bag

 3. Pumpkin Drawings



 Materials Needed: Kwik Stix, Construction Paper, Glue & Scissors

1. Cut out pumpkin shapes from construction paper

2. Color in the pumpkin with Kwik Stix

3. Cut out eyes, nose, and mouth shapes 

4. Glue the features onto the pumpkin

4. Frankenstein Handprints


Materials Needed: Construction Paper, Kwik Stix, Googly Eyes & Pipe Cleaner

1. Trace handprints on construction paper and cut them out 

2.Use your Kwik Stix to color the fingers black and the palms green

3. Add the eyeballs, mouth, stitches

4. Use pipe cleaners for the bolts ⁣

 5. Pumpkin Drop


Materials Needed: Cardboard Box, Pumpkins, Scissors & Kwik Stix 

1. Trace your small pumpkins on the carboard 

2. Cut out the circles 

6. Toilet Paper Roll Monsters 



Materials Needed: Toilet Rolls, Kwik Stix, Scissors, Yarn & Paper

1. Color in the rolls with Kwik Stix

2. Cut out and color features from paper

3. Glue facial features onto the roll

4. Add yarn if you'd like to make a mummy! 

7. Spider Web Painting


Materials Needed: Paper, Washi Tape & Kwik Stix

1. Place tape on the paper or canvas of your choice in the shape of a web

2. Color in with Kwik Stix

3. Remove tape for your own spider web!

 8. Halloween Bracelets 


Materials Needed: Paper Towel or Toilet Paper Rolls, Scissors, Kwik Stix, Pipe Cleaners, Glue, Googly Eyes & Tape

1. Color the rolls with Kwik Stix

2. Cut and size the bracelet, add googly eyes if you'd like

3. You can also twist or braid pipe cleaners to make different bracelets!  

 9. Cardboard Jack-O-Lantern 


Materials Needed: Box, Kwik Stix, Scissors, Tape & String Lights

1. Cut out a face on the box

2. Color in with orange Kwik Stix

3. Put the string lights into the box and tape the battery box to the back

10. Paper Plate Monsters 


Materials Needed: Paper Plates, Stickers & Kwik Stix

1. Color in the plates 

2. Make a face with stickers or just draw them in!