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Back to School Crafts!

Back to School Crafts!

With Back to School quickly approaching, and for some that already started, here are some awesome crafts for the new school season! 

Kwik Stix Tempera Paint Sticks alleviate any mess created by painting while keeping all the fun. They are great for the classroom. No cups, smocks, brushes, water or drying rack needed. Spend more time on creating instead of cleaning up. You simply uncap, twist and paint. Kwik Stix have a fast-drying formula that allow them to dry in 90 seconds. Students can take their artwork home the same day! 


Popsicle Stick Puzzles

Tape a series of lined-up popsicle sticks together to make a rectangle. Draw a picture on the popsicle sticks. Now you have a cute little back to school puzzle!


Wipeable School Bus

Draw a school bus on cardboard and color it in using Kwik Stix. You can use clear packaging tape or laminate it to make it reusable. Have students practice writing their names while also using it as a learning activity! 


Bacon Math - Counting Strips 

A counting activity using construction paper to make frying pans and strips of bacon. Have your students put the right amount of bacon on each pan. 


Apple Letter Matching

Cut out and draw an Apple on a piece of cardboard. Color it using Kwik Stix tempera paint sticks a mix of Classic, Earth Tones and Metalix Colors. Have students match the upper case letter to the lower case one. 


Fine motor Cardboard Caterpillar

Cut out circles from cardboard. Color it in with the Jewel Tones Kwik Stix. Use chip clips or clothespins to clip on the corresponding color. 


Giant Cardboard Pencil

 Cut out cardboard in the shape of a pencil and color in with Kwik Stix. A cute prop to use for your students first day of school photos!


CVC Words Combinations

Cut out umbrella shapes out of construction paper. Color in with your Kwik Stix. Attach a pip cleaner to the bottom. Then write VC words on the umbrellas , leaving first Consonant for your student to fit for word formation.


Apple Math Tree

Make a tree and apple shapes out of cardboard. Color them in with Kwik Stix. Use them for a math learning activity. 


Birthday Board

A birthday board is a perfect addition to any classroom! Have your students color in clothespins with their favorite color. Then have them clip it to their birthday month.