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2024 Classroom Refresh!

2024 Classroom Refresh!

2024 Classroom Refresh!

Refresh your classroom for the new year! Are you running out of supplies or simply just want to change up the scenery? Great news, we can help! Shop our School Supply Refresh Collection and receive 25% off your order with code FRESH25!

Keep reading to find some of the best additions to classrooms and how they can help your students!

Pencil Grips

Our Pencil Grips are designed by doctors, tested by kids, approved by parents. Our ergonomic pencil grips improve handwriting, help give more control, and reduce hand fatigue. These colorful pencil grippers benefit both Adults and Children, Righties and Lefties. The Pencil Grip is the #1 grip recommended by therapists to help children write. 

Our Pencil Grips come in a variety of different shapes for your desired fit! Find which grip is best for you!

The Original

The original pencil grip is the #1 grip recommended by therapists to help kids write. Benefits adults, children, righties, and lefties. This pencil grip fits on pencils, pens, crayons, and more! With the original pencil grip, writing becomes easy and natural. The Pencil Grip improves handwriting, helps to give more control, and reduces hand fatigue. Its unique, patented design gently encourages the fingers and hand to rest in the proper position for gripping – The Tripod Grip. Unlike other pencil grips, The Pencil Grip feels natural because of its ergonomic design and soft, flexible, latex-free material.

The original grip comes in classic colors, neon, metallic, and glitter!


The Crossover

The Crossover Grip improves kids handwriting by helping to give more control, reduce hand fatigue, and increase comfort. Writing with The Crossover Grip is easy and natural. Other rigid, harder grips can cause hand pain and discourage practice. The unique “wings” of the grip cover the thumb and pointer finger gently and hold them in the proper position for gripping – the Tripod Grip.


The Pinch Grip

The Pinch Grip embodies the perfect blend between The Pencil Grip and The Crossover Grip. The open cups of the grip guide without restriction. The elongated center ridge functions as a barrier so the fingers do not crossover to the other side of the grip. The Pinch Grip naturally reinforces proper positioning while also allowing for freedom and comfort.

Explore additional grip options such as the Jumbo Grip, Pointer Grip, Ring Grip, and more!


Kwik Stix

Tired of the endless mess of painting? Fear not! Kwik Stix Tempera Paint sticks take the mess out of painting while keeping all the fun! Simply uncap, twist and paint! Kwik Stix have a fast drying formula that allows them to dry in 90 seconds while still leaving a paint-like finish! No cups, smocks, water or brushes required. Kwik Stix come in assorted vibrant colors with coverage that won't crack. Great on poster paper, cardboard, wood and canvas.

Kwik Stix are great for the classroom because of their quick drying time and mess free features! Students can now take home their art projects the same day!

Kwik Stix, 60 Pack- paint with every color of the rainbow!


Kwik Stix, 72 Metallic Colors Class Pack


Kwik Stix, 12 Classic Colors


Explore every color of Kwik Stix! Available in classic colors, neons, jewel, pastel, metalix, earth, and global skin tones! Find the pack that suits your classroom best!

 School Supplies

Explore fun accessories for handwriting, drawing, and classroom practice!

Pencil Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser


Fishbone Shaped Magnetic Eraser


Silicone Chewable Pencil Topper Bundle

This set is Ideal for promoting oral motor development and strength. They make the perfect chew tools for individuals with sensory sensitivities, autism, ADHD, SPD, and other special needs. All of our pencil toppers are made from 100% safe silicone and BPA free. They are easy to clean with soap and water and are dishwasher safe.


Magnet Man Magnetic Clip, 6 Pack

The Magnet Man design holds much more than your average magnet! The fun-inspired look is perfect for the home, office and school and a cheerful way to post reminders.


Eisen Single-Hole Color Pencil Sharpener, 6 Pack

The perfect tool for any student or artist! Precisely sharpens soft and sensitive leads. Ideal for both home and classroom use!

Zen Strips

NEW! Sensory strips help calm and focus! Simply touch, swipe, scratch or fidget with Zen Strips to manage stress, boost concentration and enjoy a calming effect. Try two different textures in a variety of designs: bumpy and sand!

 Place onto everyday items such as phone cases, water bottles, laptops, and more! 

Magic Stix

Magic Stix markers are a revolutionary new product to bring safe, creative fun to your crafts! Magic Stix are guaranteed to bring long lasting color to the page with the cap off for up to 7 days without drying out. With vibrant colors, these washable and non-toxic markers will remain fresh use after use, project after project.

Triangular Magic Stix Markers, 48 Pack, Includes Global Skin Tones

Magic Stix are also available in 12, 24, and 36 packs!

Wonder Stix

Let your imagination run wild with Wonder Stix! All products in the collection work with Wonder Stix.
Wonder Stix are washable, odorless, dust free and cap free! They work on wood, cardboard, whiteboards, paper, glass, windows and more. 

Fidget Toys

Fidget toys are great for children, teens, and adults. They help in reducing stress and improving memory. Fidgets also help focus in the classroom! Try our variety of fidget toys including, Orrby, Loopeez, Hexle, Swingos, and Gyrobi.

Hexle Fidget Toy


Loopeez, Silent Fidget Toy