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Cute Snowman Crafts for the Winter!

Cute Snowman Crafts for the Winter!

Cute Snowman Crafts for the Winter!

Winter is here! Time to embrace the chilly weather by making some adorable snowman crafts! Whether you have a yard full of snow or you're stuck inside with a cup of hot cocoa, these frosty projects are sure to bring a smile to your face. So grab your mittens and let's get crafting!

Directed Snowman Drawing

Materials Needed: Kwik Stix, black paper, and Wonder Stix

  1. Draw three circles on a page, starting with the largest circle on the bottom and slightly getting smaller on the top
  2. Give this paper to your child or student
  3. Encourage them to paint in the shapes using Kwik Stix to form their snowman
  4. Allow them to use different colored Kwik Stix and Wonder Stix to make their snowman come to life!

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Print Painting

Materials Needed: slotted spoon, acrylic paint, Kwik Stix, construction paper, glue, and googly eyes

  1. Pour acrylic paint onto a paper plate
  2. Dip your spoon into the paint
  3. Press the spoon down onto the bottom portion of construction paper
  4. Repeat the above steps two more times-forming a total of 3 circles
  5. Use Kwik Stix to add details to the snowman such as arms, facial features, hat, and scarf
  6. Glue a set of googly eyes onto the snowman's face

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Melted Snowman

Materials Needed: sensory tray, rice, different snowman pieces such as beads, buttons, eyes, and carrot nose, two pipe cleaners, optional paint brush, and Wonder Stix

  1. Place the rice and all snowman pieces into a sensory tray
  2. Scramble the snowman pieces and spread out the rice
  3. Use a paintbrush or your hands to form the shape of a snowman with the rice
  4. Place the different pieces onto the snowman to add eyes, nose, mouth, arms, and more
  5. Draw a hat onto the tray above the snowman's head with Wonder Stix

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Roll a Snowman

Materials Needed: Wonder Stix, Wonder Stix Playmat, and dice
  1. Roll the dice
  2. Match the number you land on to the shape on the diagram
  3. Keep rolling until the snowman in complete
  4. Add additional drawings around the snowman if you'd like
  5. Wipe the playmat with a damp cloth, and repeat!

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Snowman Pom Pom Push

Materials Needed: optional: Flisat Table or you can use cardboard, Wonder Stix, Pom poms

  1. Draw a snowman with Wonder Stix onto the flisat table or cardboard
  2. If you are using cardboard, you will need to cut a hole in the middle
  3. Put pom poms into a bowl 
  4. Push each pom pom through the hole until there are none left

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Snowman Globe

Materials Needed: construction paper, Kwik Stix, scissors, glitter, and glue

  1. Cut a circle out of construction paper
  2. Glue it onto a colored piece of construction paper
  3. Paint the circle with Kwik Stix
  4. Add a combination of colors and blend together
  5. Cut out a piece of black paper to place at the bottom of the circle
  6. Draw designs with Kwik Stix
  7. Use white paper to form your snowman; cut three small circles and stack onto each other
  8. Glue onto the snow globe
  9. Place dots of glue onto the paper
  10. Pour glitter onto the glue
  11. Shake off access glitter 

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Let It Snow

Materials Needed: construction paper, Kwik Stix, marker, small snowflake cutouts

  1. Use Kwik Stix to paint a snowman on one end of the paper
  2. Use a marker to write letters A-Z
  3. Write letters A-Z onto the small snowflake cutouts
  4. Match each snowflake letter to the letter on the page
  5. Glue on top of the written letter
  6. Continue these steps until all letters on the paper are covered with a snowflake

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Snowman Egg Carton

Materials Needed: recycled egg carton, Kwik Stix, glue, small sticks, brown or black felt, orange felt, and paper

  1. Cut off a piece of a empty egg carton
  2. Paint it white with Kwik Stix
  3. Cut the brown or black felt into small circles
  4. Glue onto the bottom of egg carton
  5. Glue on two small sticks to resemble arms
  6. Cut orange felt into a skinny triangle and glue onto the top section of egg carton
  7. Add on eyes, eyebrows, and mouth

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