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Birthday Party in a Box!

Birthday Party in a Box!

During these times when we are staying home and Social Distancing to do our part to keep our communities safe and healthy, life events like Birthday Parties are different - but that doesn't mean they have to be any less fun! Here’s everything you need to bring the birthday party home to you! Celebrate at home, or on the road with a Drive-By Parade celebration! 

Every good party needs decorations, and what’s better than custom party decor?!

Kwik Stix and Jumbo Kwik Stix are perfect to create “Happy Birthday” banners and signs for the loved one you're celebrating. Use their favorite colors to create posters around the house, or to hang on your car for the Drive By Parade. No posters, no problem! Kwik Stix work great on windows - so create washable messages on the house or car windows ! 

Add some excitement to your party by dressing up and turning into your favorite characters for the day! Hair Chalk and Face Stix face paint, are perfect for a mess free transformation! 

Use the bright colors in the hair chalk pack to give yourself mermaid or unicorn hair for the day! The easy application and removable makes it fun and simple to add color to your hair without the mess. 

hair chalk in rainbow colors
girl with hair chalk in hair
girl smiling with hair chalk in hair

The options are endless when it comes to face stix! Washable and gentle on skin, the easy application transforms you into your favorite character, superhero, animal and more in minutes! Becoming your favorite characters at home for your party is easy with Hair Chalk and Face Stix! 

boy with spider man face paint
girl with face painting
boy with harry potter face paint
little girl with face paint

Everyone deserves to celebrate their special day, and we want to make it easy to bring the fun home to your doorstep! These links below are everything you need to make an amazing at home birthday party or drive by parade with your Birthday Party in a Box!