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Window Painting With Kwik Stix & Wonder Stix!

Window Painting With Kwik Stix & Wonder Stix!

During these uncertain times, window painting has become an amazing way to connect and bring color to your community. A colorful drawing on your window or door is a great way to spread joy and share a positive message with your neighbors. Brighten up your day with Kwik Stix and Wonder Stix window painting ! Both products work perfectly for this type of project and easily come off with just a little soap and water. Check out some of our favorite projects for inspiration below. Don't forget to share your creations with us on Instagram @KwikStixPaint! 

Window Painting With Kwik Stix

Stay Positive 

stay positive window painting




girls window painting with kwik stix



Rainbow Painting 

boy painting rainbow on window


Happy Easter

happy easter painted on window



Stained Glass

stained glass window with paint




Window Painting With Wonder Stix

We're All In This Together 

window painting with wonder stix



Find a Rainbow

girl drawing rainbow on window


Connect with Grandparents 

grandparents and grandchildren drawing on window