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Celebrate National Boxing Day on December 26th!

Celebrate National Boxing Day on December 26th!

Celebrate National Boxing Day on December 26th!

It's that time after the holidays when all the presents are unwrapped, and there's a mountain of crumpled wrapping paper! Recycle the cardboard boxes received in the mail during the weeks leading up to Christmas to create unique crafts! National Boxing Day is celebrated on December 26th! What a fun way to reuse cardboard and cozy up crafting with your favorite art supplies!

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Cardboard Snowman

Materials Needed: cardboard, Kwik Stix scissors, paper, glue, small pompoms, googly eyes, clear contact paper

  1. Use a scissor to cut out a cardboard shaped snowman and top hat
  2. Glue clear contact paper onto the back of the snowman
  3. Cut up small pieces of white paper into different shapes
  4. Glue all pieces onto the clear contact paper
  5. Glue on small pompoms as the snowman's buttons, mouth, and nose
  6. Glue on two googly eyes
  7. Paint the top hat with Kwik Stix
  8. Glue on the top hat to the top of the snowman
  9. Add any additional holiday themed craft objects

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Cardboard Theatre

Materials Needed: empty cardboard box, paper, packing tape, glue, Wonder Stix, and reusable playmat

  1. Cut an open cardboard box to represent a theatre
  2. Add different shapes and tape into place
  3. Color a reusable playmat with Wonder Stix
  4. Tape onto the backside of the box to show through the front side

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Snowman Game

Materials Needed: cardboard box, Wonder Stix, scissors, and a ball

  1. Grab an empty cardboard box
  2. Draw a snowman with Wonder Stix on the inside of the box
  3. Cut out three small circles in the body of the snowman
  4. Place a ball in the box
  5. Move around and try to get the ball through the hole

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Giant Gingerbread House

Materials Needed: cardboard, construction paper, scissors, glue, Kwik Stix, and cotton

  1. Use a large empty cardboard box
  2. Cut out a house shape with scissors
  3. Use construction paper to decorate the parts of the house (windows, doors, roof, etc.)
  4. Paint each piece of construction paper with Kwik Stix to add more color and detail
  5. Glue onto the house
  6. Spread cotton onto the bottom and corners of the house
  7. Glue on the cotton to look like snow

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Giant Cardboard Igloo

Materials Needed: giant cardboard box, Kwik Stix, scissors

  1. Flatten out the largest cardboard box you can find
  2. Paint an igloo on the cardboard with Kwik Stix
  3. Cut small door out of the cardboard, to fit through
  4. Have a blast while playing inside the igloo!

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Sensory Sorting

Materials Needed: Kwik Stix, cardboard, scissors, sensory bin, and playfoam

  1. Paint a Christmas tree onto a flat piece of cardboard
  2. Cut out small circles 
  3. Paint a different color around each circle
  4. Lay the cardboard on top of a bin or container
  5. Roll small piece of playfoam into a ball
  6. Place the playfoam into the correct color ornament hole
  7. Continue sorting until all the playfoam is gone

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Holiday Craft Box

Materials Needed: empty cardboard box, wonder Stix, and Kwik Stix

  1. Don't throw out cardboard boxes away!
  2. Rip the top of the box off to only be left with the bottom and sides of the box
  3. Draw your holiday creations in the box with Wonder Stix and Kwik Stix

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Shave Santa's Beard

Materials Needed: cardboard, Kwik Stix, clear contact paper, shaving cream, and toy razor

  1. Draw Santa's face with Kwik Stix
  2. Cover with clear contact paper
  3. Spray shaving cream on Santa's beard
  4. Use a toy razor to shave off his beard!

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Holiday Stem Art

Materials Needed: cardboard, cotton rounds, tape, glue, Kwik Stix, cups, food coloring, and additional art materials such as paper sheds or confetti

  1. Lay a flat piece of cardboard onto the table
  2. Roll out tape in the shape of a triangle
  3. Add a rectangle with tape on the bottom of the triangle
  4. Paint the stem brown with Kwik Stix
  5. Pour glue into the triangle
  6. Place cotton rounds inside the triangle and cover the whole space
  7. Mix water and food coloring into a cup
  8. Use a pipette to mix colors and spread onto the cotton rounds
  9. Add confetti, glitter, and shredded paper onto the tree

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Holiday Banner

Materials Needed: Kwik Stix, cardboard, and Wonder Stix

  1. Draw outlines of holiday designs with Wonder Stix
  2. Distribute Kwik Stix to your kids 
  3. Have them paint inside your outline with Kwik Stix

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Candy Cane Box

Materials Needed: cardboard box, scissors, candy canes, and Kwik Stix

  1. Flip an empty cardboard box upside down
  2. Paint the box with white Kwik Stix
  3. Paint a red checkered box
  4. Puncture hole in each box
  5. Place a candy cane in each hole

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3-D Christmas Tree

Materials Needed: cardboard, scissors, and Kwik Stix

  1. Lay a piece of cardboard flat
  2. Paint Christmas tree outlines with Kwik Stix
  3. Cut along the outline 
  4. Decorate each tree in different colors with Kwik Stix
  5. Cut a slit down the middle of each Christmas tree and stack on one another

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