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Holiday Gift Ideas for Toddlers!

Holiday Gift Ideas for Toddlers!

With the holidays coming up, you may be stuck on what to get your little ones. Here are some great, creative gift sets for arts and crafts! These are perfect for DIY art projects and fun craft activities! 

Jumbo Kwik Stix

Kwik Stix Tempera Paint Sticks come in jumbo size! These are perfect for poster painting and big projects! Jumbo sized Kwik Stix are great for toddlers because they help with grip for little hands! Jumbos Kwik Stix come in three color sets: classic, neon, and metalix.


Wonder Stix Playmats

Playmats are the perfect gift for creativity on the go! Create bright pieces of art on the black mats, that can be easily wiped away for endless fun! The playmats come in 2 sizes, both with a set of Wonder Stix included. They are great for traveling, they are mess free and reusable! :) 


Kwik Stix 24 Pack

We can’t forget about one of our original best selling gifts! The Kwik Stix 24 set includes our 12 classic colors, 6 neon, and 6 metalix shades. This is a great way to try all our original colors in one pack, and it’s also a great way to introduce Kwik Stix to someone who has never tried! 


Daily Doodler

ALL NEW! The Daily Doodler is a reusable activity book perfect for on the go and traveling! The activity book includes 8 wipeable blank pages and 4 Wonder Stix. Draw, wipe, repeat! Choose from 4 different cover designs: sea creatures, wild animals, dinosaurs, and travel.


Magic Stix 48 Pack

Magic Stix are vibrant markers with a triangular shape to help grip. Magic Stix are guaranteed to last 7 days without the cap! Now in the 48 pack, are global skin tone shades to color the world around you!