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2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Creative Kids!

2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Creative Kids!

It's hard to believe, but the Holiday Season is right around the corner! This year, everyone could use a little cheer - so, we have compiled some of our favorite arts and crafts based gifts for the creative person in your life! These are perfect for teacher gifts, crafty kids, and last minute Christmas gifts!

Wonder Stix + Wonder Stix Playmats 

Playmats are the perfect gift for creativity on the go! Create bright pieces of art on the black mats, that can be easily wiped away for endless fun! The playmats come in 2 sizes, both with a set of Wonder Stix included. They are great for traveling, they are mess free and reusable! :) 
wonder stix playmats gift

Wonder Stix 24 Pack

Wonder Stix are a great gift for the creative kid in your life, because they work on almost everything! On non-porous surfaces they wipe away easily. Have fun drawing on windows, mirrors, white boards and more with these fun pastel colors! 
Wonder Stix Gift Set

Daily Doodler

ALL NEW! The Daily Doodler is a reusable activity book perfect for on the go and traveling! The activity book includes 8 wipeable blank pages and 4 Wonder Stix. Draw, wipe, repeat! 

Kwik Stix 24 Pack

We can’t forget about one of our original best selling gifts! The Kwik Stix 24 set includes our 12 classic colors, 6 neon, and 6 metalix shades. This is a great way to try all our original colors in one pack, and it’s also a great way to introduce Kwik Stix to someone who has never tried! 

Jewel Tones Kwik Stix 10 Pack

NEW! to our collection of Kwik Stix! Kwik Stix Jewel Tones come with 10 new richer, more luxe shades of the rainbow. Each color resembles a bright gemstone that is sure to make your creations stand out including ruby, sapphire and emerald. Make a bold, colorful statement with Jewel Tones!

30 Set Kwik Stix

All new gift set just in time for the holidays! The same great Kwik Stix formula you love, with all new colors! This set includes TWENTY never before seen colors. Including, pastels, jewel tones, earth tones, and all new primary shades. 

Thin Stix 24 Pack

This 24 gift set also includes 12 primary, 6 neon, and 6 metalix. Thin Stix are the same formula as Kwik Stix, but with a longer and thinner grip. 

Kwik Stix Global Skin Tones

NEW to the Kwik Stix Collection, color your world with Global Skin Tones! Comes with 14 shades to color in various skin tones!

Magic Stix 48 Pack

Magic Stix are vibrant markers with a triangular shape to help grip. Magic Stix are guaranteed to last 7 days without the cap! Now in the 48 pack, are global skin tone shades to color the world around you!

Creative Artist Bundle

Not sure what gift to get? Try the Creative Artist Bundle! This is the ultimate gift set for any creative child! The Creative Artist Bundle comes with 12 classic color Kwik Stix, 12 Magic Stix, and 12 Wonder Stix.

Kwik Stix Bundle

Want try some of our favorite color sets? Gift three different 6 packs of Kwik Stix: classic, neon, and metalix.

Hair Chalk

Hair chalk is a fun, and non-permanent way to add some color to your look! Our chalk is easily applied and easily washed out and comes in two different gift sets. Both the 12 pack and the 6 pack come with vibrant colors that work on both dark and light hair. 
hair chalk gift set

Soap Clay

 Create your own soap from clay! Simply shape, air dry, and wash! 4 themed kits available: Macaroons, Flowers, Sea Creatures, and Transportation. Use these as a guide, or use your colors to create your own designs. This special clay  is made from safe non-toxic ingredients that will not irritate the skin. Enjoy the moisturizing benefits of four different oils: Coconut, Rice, Palm and Olive. This is a great gift option for someone who loves beauty products and arts and crafts.
soap clay gift

Crayon Clay

Color with your creations! This is a great gift set for a budding artist, combining sculpting and coloring in one activity. First, use the clay to shape your crayon - the options are endless. Then, let the crayon air dry for 24 hours - and you have your own fully functioning crayon. 
crayon clay rainbow gift