National Children's Craft Day!

National Children's Craft Day!

Happy National Children’s Craft Day!

This is such a fun day to celebrate creativity and children expressing themselves through art! We have put together a list of some fun and easy crafts for kids to do today, check out this inspo below - we can’t wait to see what you create!

Cardboard Tube Butterflies
Materials Needed:
-Cardboard Tubes
-Pipe cleaners
-Googly Eyes


1.Cut Butterfly wing shapes out of paper. Decorate your wings with whatever designs you like! Metalix or Pastel Kwik Stix look great for this!
2.Add a smiley mouth on the cardboard tube for the body of the butterfly. Use a black or colored Magic Stix marker for this.
3.Glue googly eyes onto the face, and glue two pipe cleaners for antenna 

4.Glue the wings onto the back of the body.

Apple Paint Prints

Materials needed:
-Apples, cut in half - be careful! Adult assistance needed here :)


1.With the help of an adult, cut apple in two halves 
2.Use your Kwik Stix to paint a design or pattern on the apples surface. Classic Kwik Stix work great here, the bright vibrant primary colors are great for transferring the pattern!

3.Stamp the apple onto a piece of paper and see your design transfer onto the paper!

Window Painting:

Materials Needed:

-Window or glass surface

1. Use your Kwik Stix or Wonder Stix to paint or draw on windows!
2. Easily wash away with a damp cloth!
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