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Craft Ideas for National Day of Unplugging!

Craft Ideas for National Day of Unplugging!

National Day of Unplugging is an awareness campaign that promotes 24 hours to unplug, unwind and relax; to do things other than using electronics and social media.

Unplug to get CREATIVE with simple, fun and mess free crafts! All the crafts below use Kwik Stix, Wonder Stix, or Magic Stix. 

Cardboard Tower 

Recycle and Play! Grab your unused cardboard and create!

Materials: Recycled Cardboard, Scissors, Tape & Kwik Stix

1. Grab all your unneeded cardboard.

2. Tape the pieces together to make a tower. Cut out a little door for play. 

3. Let your imagination run wild and design your tower in any theme you'd like!  

Sensory Puzzle

Sensory play crafts are great for developing fine motor skills and learning activities.

Materials: Cardboard, Kwik Stix, Glue, Scissors & Rice

1. Color apples onto the cardboard using Kwik Stix.

2. Cut out little strips of cardboard to create a border around the apple. 

3. Put the correct colored rice into each apple. 

Window Painting 

Wonder Stix easily wipe away from glass windows and doors.

Materials: Just Wonder Stix

1. Grab your Wonder Stix & follow your imagination. 

This craft shown above is a Bean Stalk Height Chart. Measure each member of your household and see who's the tallest. What a cute and simple craft! 


There are so many different things you can create with every day items!

Materials: Coffee Filters, Magic Stix, Pipe Cleaners & Water 

1. Decorate coffee filter with Magic Stix. 

2. Spray water onto them, use a spray bottle if you have one.

3. Allow for them to dry .

4. Fold pipe cleaners in half and twist about half way up. 

5. Twist the pipe cleaners around the coffee filters to create antennas. 

Outdoor Rock Decorating

Going outside is a great way to relax and explore. 

Materials: Rocks & Wonder Stix

1. Grab some rocks while out on your walk. 

2. Color them with Wonder Stix!  

Counting Activity

Take this time for a learning activity.  

Materials: Paper & Magic Stix

1. Draw flowers onto a piece of paper. In the middle of the flower put a certain number of dots, make sure to do a variety. 

2. At the top write out numbers 1- 6 and color coordinate them. 

3. Color in the flower with the appropriate color. For example, as shown above, if a flower has two dots in it, color it orange.