St. Patrick's Day Crafts

St. Patrick's Day Crafts

Here are some fun, simple, and mess free crafts for St. Patrick's Day! Click on the photo to be taken to the creators page. Happy Creating! 

Leprechaun Hat & Rainbow

Materials: Popsicle Sticks, Cotton Balls, Pipe Cleaners, Kwik Stix & Glue 

1. Color in popsicle sticks with Kwik Stix. Six popsicles sticks with rainbow colors and seven with the color green. 

2. Glue the six rainbow popsicle sticks together.

3. Glue the green popsicle sticks together. Five across and two underneath horizontally. As shown above.  

4. Glue on the cotton balls for the rainbow and the pipe cleaners for the hat.


Materials: Paper Plate, Kwik Stix, Scissors, Glue & Construction Paper

1. Cut out the center of the plate with scissors.  

2. Color in the plate with Kwik Stix.

3. Cut out construction paper to create a clover and pot of gold. 

4. Glue them onto the wreath.  

Recycled Rainbows

MaterialsCardboard, Scissors, Take-out Container, Bottle Caps, Kwik Stix, Bubble Wrap & Yarn. 

1. Cut out the shape of a rainbow from cardboard. 

2. Color in with Kwik Stix using colors to create a rainbow. 

3. Glue strands of yarn on top of the rainbow, matching the colors together.

4. Cut a take-out container in half. 

5. Glue the bottle caps together and onto the container. Then onto the rainbow. 

6. Cut out a cloud shape from bubble wrap and glue to the rainbow.   


Materials: Construction Paper & Kwik Stix 

1. Draw an outline of a clover on paper. 

2. Color in the clover with a green colored Kwik Stix. 

3. Color the background with rainbow colors.   

Lucky 4 Leaf Clover

Materials: Cardboard, Kwik Stix, Scissors & Cotton Balls 

1. Outline and cut out the shape of a clover and rainbow. 

2. Color in each with your Kwik Stix. The clover green and the rainbow accordingly.  

3. Add cotton balls on the end of the rainbow for clouds. 

4. Optional: Add handprints to the clover with paint

Lucky Leprechaun Gnome 

Materials: Paper plates, Scissors, Card Stock, Glue & Kwik Stix 

1. Color in the paper plates with a brown Kwik Stix color. 

2. Cut out a hat shape and circle for the nose from card stock. 

3. Color those in with Kwik Stix. 

4. Glue the hat onto the paper plate and then glue the nose in the middle of the hat and beard.  

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