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Winter Crafts!

Winter Crafts!

Some new and fun winter crafts for the New Year. Happy Creating! 


Materials Needed: Wood Snowflakes, Kwik Stix & Gems

1. Get any wood ornaments 

2. Color in with Kwik Stix

3. Decorate with gems or anything you like! 

Polar Bear

Materials Needed: Construction paper, Kwik Stix, Scissors & Glue

1. Cut out the shapes to make a polar bear; circles & semi circles

2. Color in the polar bear 

3. Color in the background and glue the polar bear to the background page



Materials Needed: Construction Paper, Scissors & Kwik Stix

1. Cut out pieces for the snowmen; circles, hat, etc. 

2. Glue the snowman together onto construction paper

3. Color in the snowman and background with Kwik Stix