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Gift Set Guide for Creative Kids!

Gift Set Guide for Creative Kids!

With the holiday season quickly approaching here are some gift ideas for kids! Great for all ages and can be enjoyed by the whole family! 


1. Wonder Stix Playmat

4 reusable black board placemats PLUS Wonder Stix to draw with! Draw directly onto the playmat and remove with a damp cloth and start over! 


2. The Master Art Set

The 60 pack includes ALL colors in one art set! 14 Pastels,12 Classic Colors, 12 Metallic Colors, 10 Jewel Tones, 6 Earth Tones & 6 Neon

3. 30 Pack Gift Set 

Includes pastels, jewel and earth tones plus 5 of your favorite classic and metallic colors!


4. 24 Pack Gift Set

Give the gift of creativity this holiday season! Kwik Stix 24 pack makes the perfect gift set for the little artist. 

5. Magic Stix 

36 vibrant colors with easy to clean carrying cases. Featuring a triangular shape to promote proper grip and won't roll off the desk while working! 


6. Wonder Stix

Comes with 24 vibrant pastel colors. They are washable, dust free, and odorless. They are also cap free and won’t dry out. They easily wipe away from windows, mirrors, white boards and non-porous surfaces.