Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids!

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids!

The season is already here! Below are some great crafts to keep your kids busy during the holiday. Great for all ages and an excellent way to start spreading holiday cheer to your family and friends! 

Turkey Mask

Materials Needed: Paper Plates, Kwik Stix, Construction Paper, Scissors & Glue

1. Cut a half circle out of the plate

2. Paint the plate with Kwik Stix

3. Cut paper feathers out of construction paper and glue them to the plate

4. Cut out the features, like the big and you have a turkey mask! 

Thanksgiving Desserts! 

Materials Needed: Paper Plates, Construction Paper, Kwik Stix, Scissors, Glue & Cotton Ball (optional) 

1. Cut a triangle shape from the paper plate

2. Paint the plate with Kwik Stix

3. Cut out pieces of brown construction paper for the crust 

4. Glue on the crust and place a cotton ball on top for the whipped cream!  

Turkey Wreath

Materials Needed: Paper Plates, Kwik Stix, Scissors, Glue, Feathers, Ribbon & Googly Eyes

1. Color in your plate with Kwik Stix

2. Glue on Feathers and features like the eyes and beak!

3. Cut a whole out on top of the plate and tie your ribbon to it  

4. Now you have a wreath to hang up on your door!  

Colorful Leaves

Materials Needed: Just Leaves & Kwik Stix

1. Go outside and get some leaves

2. Color them in with your favorite Kwik Stix colors

Pumpkin Seed Art

Materials Needed: Cardboard, Twine, Scissors, Glue, Wonder Stix & Pumpkin Seeds

1. Cut out cardboard into the shape of a turkey, pumpkin or whatever you like 

2. Glue twine onto cardboard (optional) 

3. Color in seeds with your Wonder Stix 

4. Place the seeds onto the cardboard or glue them down for a beautiful decoration!

Thankful Leaf Wreath

Materials Needed: Paper Plate, Construction Paper, Kwik Stix, Scissors & Yarn

1. Cut out leaves from construction paper

2. Color the leaves in with Kwik Stix and write down what you are thankful for on each leaf 

3. Cut out the center of the paper plate, then glue the leaves on

4. Add yarn to the top with a loop, and hang it up! 

Turkey Cards

Materials Needed: Construction Paper, Kwik Stix, Magic Stix, Glue & Scissors 

1. Print out or cut out a turkey from construction paper

2. Color in the turkey with your Magic Stix or Kwik Stix

3. Glue it onto construction paper for a card or poster!  

I am thankful for... PIES!

Materials Needed: Construction Paper, Kwik Stix, Glue & Scissors 

1. Print out or cut out a pie slice from construction paper

2. Color it in the with Kwik Stix and decorate however you'd like 

3. On the back write down what you are grateful for! 

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