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Recycled Cardboard Crafts!

Recycled Cardboard Crafts!

Recycle and Play! Grab your unused cardboard and create! All crafts are colored in with Kwik Stix, Wonder Stix or Magic Stix. Click on the image to be taken to the creators Instagram page.

DIY Volcano 

Cardboard boxes, toilet paper & paper towel tubes are all perfect for recycled crafts. Grab a hot glue gun and let your imagination run wild!

1. Grab some cardboard, paper towel rolls & toilet paper rolls. 

2. Color in all the pieces with Kwik Stix before you assemble.

3. With a hot glue, glue the pieces together to create a volcano, you can design it in any way you'd like! 

4. Feel free to add figurines and props for a fun play activity.  


Crafts like this are great for developing fine motor skills, finger dexterity, and hand eye coordination. 

1. Color in a piece of cardboard using Wonder Stix as shown above, creating a hedgehog or any animal you'd like! 

2. Poke holes into the cardboard. 

3. Use pasta or any material for this activity. 

Snowman Game

You can create so many different types of games and activities from a single piece of cardboard. The possibilities are endless!

1. Use cardboard, like a shoe box, and draw in your snowman with Wonder Stix

2. As shown above, poke holes into the cardboard to make a fun game! 

Dinosaur Teeth Counting


A very creative way to encourage counting. Make learning fun with cute and easy crafts! 

1. Create a dinosaur with your Wonder Stix or Kwik Stix

2. Number the teeth. 

3. Use candy corn or any other material for an adorable counting activity! 

Skelly Mon’

Create your own funny character!

1. Grab your Metalix Kwik Stix and create any character of your choice. Thin Stix have a thinner tube for better detail!