Sensory Bin Play Ideas

Sensory Bin Play Ideas

Sensory play crafts are great for developing fine motor skills and learning activities. There are so many different way you can incorporate sensory play into general crafts and activities! 

Snowstorm Tray

Incorporate your favorite book for a fantastic learning activity that includes letter recognition and spelling. 

Kwik Stix were used to color in the wooden snowflakes. They glide right onto wood and come out extremely vibrant.   

Bee Mine

You can have a different themed tray/bin for every holiday! 

Wonder Stix pair great with these activities. Great for coloring and practicing handwriting.  

Fall Art Shelf

These types of crafts keep everything very organized and in one place, very easy for cleanup. 

Winter Village 

 Great for counting, color recognition, and more. There are so many possibilities for learning and creating! 


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